Radical Islamists

All Mercenaries Join Forces In Libya Under New Name ... "MURABITOUN"

FYI, in the 1920's MI6 invented Muslim Brotherhood as their proxy army. Next the CIA invented their Al Qaeda as their proxy army. These psychopathic mercenaries have been doing the dirty work of destruction and take over of sovereign nations for the Zionists. These mercenaries claim to be radical Islamists. As Osama bin Laden stated, "all we have to do is change our name to keep the west confused". So now enters the new combined entity called Murabitoun. They have had many other names, LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group), Ansar Al Sharia, Al Nusra, etc.

Update: Libya Against Radical Islamist Terrorists, Derna Supports ISIS

The latest news just in is that the Ansar Al Sharia radicals left in the city of Derna will proclaim their support for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State on Friday the 31st of October. So here you have it, the proof that the radicals put in place by NATO are now joining with our enemy, at least we are sort of attacking ISIS. Then again, according to John McCain, there are good radicals and bad radicals. The ones that work for his Zionists masters are good the others are bad. As the Libyans will tell you, they are all rubbish and they are not Muslims.

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