Russia Supports the Great Libyan Tribes

The Misurata militas are the most hated group in Libya. These militias residing in the city of Misurata in Libya are the criminals that joined hands with Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama to create the lies that started the false flag revolution that destroyed Libya. This group of terrorists (full of mercenaries) have changed their names a number of times, attempting to hide their criminal past and paint a new face to try and gain acceptance as leaders in Libya - they have failed miserably as all Libyans know these terrorists and have lived with their illegal acts for 6 years now.

Russian Foreign Ministers Warns Foreign Countries to Stay Out of Libya

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned foreign countries not to interfere in the affairs of Libya and what is happening in Libya now is the will of the Libyan people and not right for anyone interfere with it in any way .. and that the State of Russia supports the will of the Libyan people to self-determination and their situations internal to the country particularly the Libyan people .... and forward to the Libyan people
عااااااجل للنشررر والتعميم

Russian Shot Down 2 US Missles Fired at Damascus on September 3, 2013

COPIED FROM A BLOG on "Friends of Abe" - GREAT INFORMATION - MUST READ - Now you can find videos regarding these reports on YouTube. Apparently, Israel recanted and said that they were "testing" missiles that day. Really? and fired them at Damascus? - You Decide


Reportedly, on 3 September 2013, Russia shot down two US ballistic missiles that were heading towards the Syrian coast, allegedly 'in the direction of Damascus'.

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