Terrorist Khalifa Haftar Orders Voting Machines Destroyed in Libya

Khalifa Haftar, criminal, terrorist, CIA operative and traitor has a dream to be the dictator/king of Libya. Haftar is well known to the Libyan people as a CIA operative, as he was taken out of North Africa, secretly by the CIA during the Chad wars in the 1970's because he had turned traitor to his own country and joined the dark side. When the side he was working for started to lose, the CIA, his new masters, lifted him out to Langley, VA, home of the CIA where he resided for over 35 years on the backs of the US tax payers.

Bernard Levy Sneaks into Libya, Meets Khalid Sharif and Terroist Leaders in Sabratha

Bernard-Henri Lévy, one of the top Zionist Criminals in the world, the "lead-dog" who shows up in foreign countries to start and fund "false flag" revolutions, was secreted into Libya yesterday. The US counterpart to Levy is John McCain who also shows up in foreign countries supporting terrorists cloaked as "rebels". Levy is a multibillionaire Zionist from France, he calls him self a "philosopher" - seriously? How does a philosopher become a billionaire war monger?

Misurata and Tripoli Islamists Attack Legitmate Government of Libya in Toburk with Car Bombs

November 12, 2014 - Car bombs were exploded in the Eastern cities of Tobruk and Al Bayda. Both of these cities are home to the legitimately elected government of Libya. Tobruk is home to the duly elected Parliament of Libya. This legally elected Parliament is working with the Libyan national army to cleanse the country of terrorists and radical Islamists brought into Libya by NATO and the US and to attempt to bring security and peace back to Libya as it was before the 2011 false revolution..

Misurata Man Controls Worst Prison in Tripoli and is a Drug Kingpin

This is photo of a Libyan Mafia leader named Hytham Beet Al mal Al Musrati– the head of one of the worst prisons in Tripoli, he is also a drug kingpin and you can tell from his name that he is one of the original Misurata tribe that immigrated from Turkey to Libya – they were Jews that converted (supposedly) to Islam. This tribe was the home of the Turkish Mafia controlling 60% of all contracts in Libya. They kept Libya from building big ports and let only 1 large port at Misurata control all of Libya.

Top Muslim Brotherhood Meet in Turkey 9/11/2013 Agree to Pass 1 B to Jihadists for Acts of Terror

Muslim Brotherhood leaders held a meeting in Turkey on September 11, 2013 determining to pass 1 billion dollars to Jihadists and terrorists to foment chaos, bombing attacks, murder and any other form of terrorism in Egypt to turn it into Syria. http://www.alkhabrnews.net/news/view/13677#.UjIfoz_NmSq

This article is in Arabic but you can find many translation programs online including Google translate where you can copy and paste the article and have it translated.


How is it that Obama gets away with openly supporting the radical Islamic mercenaries now rampant in Syria? The US has become the support system for these terrorists, supplying them with arms, money and training. The truth is known by the rest of the world. This same game was played in Libya and other now failed states that the US blew-up (illegally) with the help of NATO and their Al Qaeda mercenary terrorist forces.

Terrorists Now in Libya

1-4-2013 | 22:28

The cover of the latest issue of the magazine "Al Ahram Al Arabi"

Names and full details .. 'Arab-Ahram' reveals the most dangerous al-Qaeda network in Libya

Full Abdullah Books - the killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi, the second man after Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda in Pakistan last year, the unmanned aircraft was an American message to al-Qaeda in Libya, when penetrated in the joints of the state Libya after Gaddafi, this message by analysts summoned response .

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