Criminal Misurata Militias -THIEVES In Tripoli

Today the criminals who call themselves "Misurata Militias" began to go door to door in Tripoli. They forced their way into people's homes and took what ever they wanted.

The Misurata Militias are the groups that were supported and armed by Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Obama and others. They are made up of some of the 4% of Libyans that are radicals and other
mercenaries. They are now being supported (illegally) by Qatar and Turkey. This is the only way that they can survive as they are now the most hated group of criminals in Libya today.

Tripoli NEW Battleground of NATO's Terrorist Militias

In Libya there are approximately 15 or more different terrorist militia groups attempting to hold on to some control of their piece of Libya. The biggest militia gang is from the city of Misurata and they tagged themselves with the unlikely name of "Libya Dawn". This group is made up of radicals from Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, LIFG, Al Qaeda, etc. This is also the group of rats that first joined Hillary Clinton in her illegal "made-up, false flag" war against Libya. These Misurata criminals have been supported by Obama.

ISIS Terrorists Attack the Corinthia Hotel Tripoli

The criminal terrorist group, ISIS has attacked the 6 star Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya today, January 27th, 2015. The attack was started by a car bomb and followed up with snipers.

Two of the criminal terrorists were identified, both of them foreign mercenaries. One Abu Solomon from the Sudan and the other Abu Ibrahim from Tunisia, their photos are posted below. Understand that these mercenaries are being funded to come into Libya illegally, they are given arms and training by none other than the US CIA.

VIDEO Libyans in Tripoli Threatened to Not Protest Anniversary of Massacre

The criminal terrorists occupying Tripoli known as "Libya Dawn" and their radical leader Omar Al Hassi have warned the Libyan people not to take to the streets to protest and commemorate the first anniversary of what is known as a "massacre of Gharghour" where dozens of civilians were killed or wounded by the Libya Dawn Militias.

UAE and Egyptian Embassies in Tripoli Bombed by Libya Dawn - Misurata Islamic Terrorists

The UAE Embassy and the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli were both bombed today by the Islamic Militant group "Libya Dawn" based out of Misurata. These are the criminals made up mostly of foreign mercenary psychopaths, being funded and armed by Turkey and Qatar and the US (under the table) who are destroying the Libyan capital of Tripoli, who completely destroyed the Tripoli International Airport and who use force to frighten Libyan citizens. They roam the streets armed and terrorize any person they don't like with rape, death or torture.

Misurata Islamist Mafia Break Into US Embassy Tripoli

Sunday, August 31, 2014 - the most hated group of terrorists in Libya broke into the US Embassy. You will see on this post a number of photos and a video proving just how these criminals behave. The Misurata Militia (attempting to repaint themselves with a new name "Libya Dawn") are the leading criminals in all of Libya now. They are made up of multiple terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and others. They are also full of mercenaries from many countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

Tripoli Under Seige - AGAIN - Video

Today in the city of Tripoli is the worst fighting since NATO invaded in 2011. The Misurata psychopaths have called in their fellow Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to come to Tripoli to fight with them. Their goal today is to take and own the entire city of Tripoli. Consequently, there has been fighting and bombing all over the entire city. The civilians in Libya are suffering beyond belief. These criminals are destroying infrastructure, electricity, water supplies; food and medicine cannot get into the city.

All Fighting in Tripoli Amazingly Stops While US Evacuates Embassy

Isn't it amazing that when the US wants to move its people out of the Tripoli Embassy, all the fighting between militias and tribes is suspended for at least 2 hours while the evacuation takes place. And another amazing fact is that no one, not the tribes, not the government has been capable of stopping the fighting in Tripoli, but suddenly the US wants to leave and all fighting is ceased.

I wonder who is controlling the mess in Libya???

Known Terrorist Attempts to Create Terrorist Military Council in Tripoli

Khaled AL-Sharif (Al Qaeda) First Undersecretary of puppet Ministry of Defense (appointed by radical Islamists) close associate of known Al Qaeda leader Adulhakem Belhaj - has been in lead of Al Qaeda militias and fighters and appointed by them to be in charge of the National Guard and Military Order of the Western Region - He is the main financier of money to supporters of evil (radical Islamic terrorists) - the main supplier of arms to the same and the supplier of explosives.


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