Tripoli Under Seige - AGAIN - Video

Today in the city of Tripoli is the worst fighting since NATO invaded in 2011. The Misurata psychopaths have called in their fellow Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to come to Tripoli to fight with them. Their goal today is to take and own the entire city of Tripoli. Consequently, there has been fighting and bombing all over the entire city. The civilians in Libya are suffering beyond belief. These criminals are destroying infrastructure, electricity, water supplies; food and medicine cannot get into the city.

All Fighting in Tripoli Amazingly Stops While US Evacuates Embassy

Isn't it amazing that when the US wants to move its people out of the Tripoli Embassy, all the fighting between militias and tribes is suspended for at least 2 hours while the evacuation takes place. And another amazing fact is that no one, not the tribes, not the government has been capable of stopping the fighting in Tripoli, but suddenly the US wants to leave and all fighting is ceased.

I wonder who is controlling the mess in Libya???

Known Terrorist Attempts to Create Terrorist Military Council in Tripoli

Khaled AL-Sharif (Al Qaeda) First Undersecretary of puppet Ministry of Defense (appointed by radical Islamists) close associate of known Al Qaeda leader Adulhakem Belhaj - has been in lead of Al Qaeda militias and fighters and appointed by them to be in charge of the National Guard and Military Order of the Western Region - He is the main financier of money to supporters of evil (radical Islamic terrorists) - the main supplier of arms to the same and the supplier of explosives.

Major Airlines Suspend Flights to Tripoli

Major Airlines suspend flights to Tripoli amidst security issues. The Libyan people are fighting with the Islamic Extremists all over Libya. The tribes of Libya who make up 98% of all Libyans have joined together to clean their country of Islamic terrorist groups. These terrorists were put in Libya by force by the Western Imperialist nations and NATO. They include Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, LIFG and others.

Today in Tripoli Peaceful Demonstrators Killed - Fired on by Misurata Armed Gangs

Today in Tripoli, Friday November 15, 2013.

Libyan Civilians took to the streets to demand the removal of the Misurata armed gangs that roam the streets of Tripoli. There is an attempt by the impotent government of Libya to try and pass a law that says the gangs are forbidden in Tripoli but this law will never be enforced because there is no power and no government body with any respect or power in Libya now.

Misurata Man Controls Worst Prison in Tripoli and is a Drug Kingpin

This is photo of a Libyan Mafia leader named Hytham Beet Al mal Al Musrati– the head of one of the worst prisons in Tripoli, he is also a drug kingpin and you can tell from his name that he is one of the original Misurata tribe that immigrated from Turkey to Libya – they were Jews that converted (supposedly) to Islam. This tribe was the home of the Turkish Mafia controlling 60% of all contracts in Libya. They kept Libya from building big ports and let only 1 large port at Misurata control all of Libya.

Demonstration Today Tripoli, Libya, Calling for Removal of Westen Puppet Prime Minister Ali Zeidan

Demonstration today in Libya against the Occupation government, they accuse the ("appointed" by Belhaj) Prime Minister, Ali Zeidan, of not being of Libyan nationality. It should be noted that Abdulhakim Belhaj is a well known terrorist and was held in Guantanamo in the past. NATO joined hands with Belhaj and appointed him head of the rebel army and security during the NATO war against Libya in 2011


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