Today in Tripoli Peaceful Demonstrators Killed - Fired on by Misurata Armed Gangs

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Today in Tripoli, Friday November 15, 2013.

Libyan Civilians took to the streets to demand the removal of the Misurata armed gangs that roam the streets of Tripoli. There is an attempt by the impotent government of Libya to try and pass a law that says the gangs are forbidden in Tripoli but this law will never be enforced because there is no power and no government body with any respect or power in Libya now.

The result of this peaceful protest was the attack on the civilians by the Misurata psychopathic criminal gangs. People were killed and wounded. At this time the fighting has continued on the road to the Tripoli Airport and the Misurata armed extremists are continuing to fire on the civilians.

UPDATE: Ministry of Health: 15 dead (2 women) and 95 wounded at 8 pm. Reporting from one hospital
URGENT Call for blood from all hospitals
URGENT: disrupted all flights to and from the airport in Tripoli because of the ongoing events in the country.
Warplanes in the skies of Tripoli and gangs using Mosques, fighting between the people of Tripoli and the armed criminal Misurata gangs
Sounds of RPGs and anti aircraft guns now in Tripoli, reminiscent of 2011 NATO war Libya

It is quite telling that 3 protestors killed by snipers in Benghazi in 2011 (by the way it has now been proven that the snipers were from Qatar hired to give the US a reason to attack Libya) was enough for the UN, US, France, UK and NATO to fly 60,000 bombing raids over Libya, kill 500,000 Libyans, destroy the country and hand it to Al Qaeda. Since the war thousands have been held in prisons illegally and many tortured to death. There are 2 million Libyans in exile (they are against Al Qaeda and would be killed if they returned), one million inside the country are without a home and the other 2 million live in terror under Al Qaeda and it armed gangs that roam the streets, raping women, stealing whatever they like and killing at will.

Where is the UN security council now? Where are the outcries about human rights violations? Where is NATO??

The agenda of the UN the US and NATO is blatantly obvious, the destruction of Libya, the destabilization of the country and death of hundreds of thousands of Libyans is being kept secret from the general public. It is time the world stepped up and demanded an investigation of the UN, US, UK, France and Qatar for their illegal activities, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Libya. It is past time to put Al Qaeda and all of its affiliates out of business.

Read about the planned peaceful demonstration here:

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Tripoli people line up to donate blood to help their brothers shot in the street
Flyer passed out to ask people to take to the streets to demand Misurata gangs leave their city
Another victim of ruthless killing Misurata criminals
Neighborhoods being attacked by Misurata gangs