Tripoli, 2011 Lies Used by UN Puppet Government to Kill Innocent Libyans

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On August 15, 2018, a kangaroo court in Tripoli sentenced 45 young men to death by firing squad. The Al Tajouri terrorist militias, working with the UN puppet government also made up of terrorists and radical Islamists will execute the sentence.

These young men have all been in prison since 2011, their only crime was fighting against NATO for their country.

The so called court found them guilty of killing demonstrators in Tripoli who were supposedly demonstrating against the Libyan government in front of the Abu Salim prison on August 21, 2011.

Let me state emphatically and from my own personal knowledge that this is a HUGE LIE. These are the same kind of lies that were put out by the media that started the phony revolution in 2011.

I can state that I know this is a lie and that these men did not do what they are accused of because I WAS THERE IN TRIPOLI ON AUGUST 21, 2011.

Let me state some facts about Tripoli in 2011. We had been in Libya, staying in Tripoli since May of 2011.

1. There were NO DEMONSTRATIONS against the Libyan government in Tripoli.

2. If there was a demonstration in front of the Abu Salim prison, it was not in support of NATO, it was in support of the current government (why would a Libyan soldier shoot someone supporting him???)

3. I never saw one Libyan militiaman - there were none, they were all soldiers of the Libyan army and there were very few in Tripoli

4. The 250,000 mercenaries (terrorists) and CIA, MI5, Mossad, blackwater, etc., that were on the ground were the ones sniping innocent Libyans

5. I am witness to the torture and killing of many Libyan soldiers, never once did I see a Libyan soldier hurt a civilian

6. The people who committed the crimes these young men are accused of are the ones who run the kangaroo court and the ones who will carry out the execution.

7. Ghadafi was not in charge of the Libyan government or army in 2011, he was required to step down by the treaty signed with Condoleeza Rice in 2006

8. Any demonstration shown on TV at Green Square in Tripoli in 2011 supporting the so called revolution was taped in the country of Qatar at a fake Green Square made in that country, we met journalists who had been there and confirmed this.

9. We attended many huge demonstrations ( I video taped ) in Tripoli supporting their government. One had close to 2 million people.

The war crimes and crimes against humanity in Tripoli continue since NATO brought in their black helicopters (canons blazing) in late August 2011 killing 1300 innocent civilians and wounding 5000 more in one hour. Again, we are witnesses to this act. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and their NATO criminals could not conquer Tripoli. Tripoli was full of 2 million Libyans who were against the NATO war. There were Libyans all over Libya that were against NATO but Tripoli was the capital and without Tripoli NATO and Clinton could not take the country, steal it blind and destroy Libyan sovereignty. On August 23, 2011, we met with Sheik Ali Alhawel, Supreme leader of all the tribes and while we sat with him he was delivered a document that he said was the new constitution for Libya that all Libyans would vote on. He told us that this is what NATO and UN demanded and now the war would stop. But instead of stopping NATO came in and destroyed Tripoli, bombing and killing at the same time bringing in hundreds of mini Toyota trucks with bearded terrorists and anti aircraft guns mounted in the bed. They just handed the city to these mercenaries who stole, killed, destroyed and raped as they pleased. We were witness to over 60 Libyan soldiers being tortured to death by these mercenaries when we were captured by them and taken to their torture center. NATO and Clinton could not have the Libyan tribes put out new constitution, that would destroy their lie about Libya.

All of this information has been verified to be 100% correct by the Defense Intelligence Agency whose agent was in our home many times.

As a last note, I call on all good hearted people in the world to stand against these crimes against the innocents in Libya. We are all part of the human race and we all must stand against these heinous crimes. We must stand together and let our voices be heard, too soon these Zionist New World Order criminals will be in your back yard, they must be stopped now.