Tripoli Under Seige - AGAIN - Video

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Today in the city of Tripoli is the worst fighting since NATO invaded in 2011. The Misurata psychopaths have called in their fellow Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to come to Tripoli to fight with them. Their goal today is to take and own the entire city of Tripoli. Consequently, there has been fighting and bombing all over the entire city. The civilians in Libya are suffering beyond belief. These criminals are destroying infrastructure, electricity, water supplies; food and medicine cannot get into the city. Today sees the explosions of more fuel tanks, cars and neighborhoods being bombed, fighting in the streets, fires and bombs everywhere. The Libyan civilians are sitting ducks for these criminal factions and they like it that way.

It should be noted that the Muslim Brotherhood had hoped in the June election to take control of Libya after losing Egypt last year.. Considering that the puppet government claimed 30% voted in the election, while the real number of legitimate Libyans actually voting was about 5%; the Brotherhood was pretty sure that they could rig the election to take over the country. Libyans are not to be underestimated in their hatred of radical Islamic terrorists. When the results of the election was leaked out, the Muslim Brotherhood had lost huge and lost all their control in Libya. This being the case, as usual with criminals, the results have not been released and those in charge of the results have been threatened at gun point not to release the results officially. I would have to assume these brain trusts (Obama's minions) are trying to figure some way to change the results,but it is too late, everybody, even some media have reported the results. That being the case, the Muslim Brotherhood and Misurata terrorist groups have only one way to keep control of Libya - by force. They really don't care how many Libyan's die, starve to death, are blown up, etc. As long as they keep control of the riches of Libya by any means. Thank you for the GREAT DEMOCRACY Clinton and Obama.

The Misurata criminals are in trouble not only in Tripoli but also in Misurata. This is why the attack today.

A few nights ago, a large group of fighters from the tribes of Libya attacked a bunch of check points in Misurata and killed many Misurata terrorists. This scared them to death, they are all chickens and are only brave if they have the upper hand and support from outside. Also, during that time, 2 Airbus A320 commercial airplanes were stolen by the Misurata Militias and the geolocation devices were disabled. These criminals follow no laws of any kind, respect no human and no property. T"he CEO of the airline Syphax Airlines, Mohamed Frikha confirmed the loss of two aircraft from the airport of Misurata." He said that people should not panic because Algeria has set up defense and will shoot down any Libyan plane coming into their or Tunisia's airspace.

The tribes are working hard to gather all the fighters and military. There are formal war room meetings going on outside of Tripoli with the 2 main tribes being the Great Wershafana tribe and the fearless warriors of the Zentan tribe. Many other tribes are there, all are working hard to save their people and their country from these gangs of murdering psychopaths.

There will be a formal update later tonight. At this time there is no communication coming from Tripoli as all are in battle today against the forces of evil.

I have posted a brutal photo of a dead baby that was killed a few days ago by Misurata attacks in the Ben Ashur area of Tripoli. The baby was in his mother's womb when he was killed and no this is not Gaza this is Libya. Also photos of some of bombed fuel tanks in Tripoli today, a photo of a bomb in the Friday Market in Tripoli today, a photo of a helicopter returning wounded Misurata criminals (this has the elders of Misurata in a panic, they have controlled by force without a lot of casualties since they were partners with NATO in blowing up Libya in 2011) - Payback is hell Misurata Zionist criminals. There is also a photo of the security building blown up in Benghazi as fighting continues there and a picture of a mosque hit by Misurata near the Tripoli airport.. last a video of the fuel tanks burning.