Tuesday Market Destroyed by ISIS in Tripoli

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Yesterday, January 19th, 2015, ISIS burned the biggest central market (mall) in Tripoli. This market, which I have been to many many times was a four story market known locally as the
"Tuesday Market"- The Souk Tuesday.

ISIS proudly claimed responsibility for the destruction of the biggest and best market in Tripoli.

Their reason - "Men and Women shop together at this market and according to these fanatics that is forbidden". A MADE-UP rule by radical psychopaths to destroy life where ever people are free and happy.

In Libya, women were emancipated in the 1970's by Ghadafi, women were free to be doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, mothers, join the military, etc., there were no burka's in Libya, there was not even a requirement of head scarves.

Rewind to 2011 February, Libya is attacked and invaded by NATO who brought into Libya radical mercenaries to overthrow a peaceful well developing nation and the most progressive Muslim country in the world. NATO and Obama joined hands with the 4% of Libyans that were radical psychopaths (most of them in exile as radicals were imprisoned in Ghadafi's Libya) armed, trained and funded them and then bombed Libya into oblivion so that the radicals could take over the country.

What NATO, Obama, the UN, UK, and France did to Libya is one of the greatest war crimes ever committed in the history of the world.