Update: Libya Against Radical Islamist Terrorists, Derna Supports ISIS

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The latest news just in is that the Ansar Al Sharia radicals left in the city of Derna will proclaim their support for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State on Friday the 31st of October. So here you have it, the proof that the radicals put in place by NATO are now joining with our enemy, at least we are sort of attacking ISIS. Then again, according to John McCain, there are good radicals and bad radicals. The ones that work for his Zionists masters are good the others are bad. As the Libyans will tell you, they are all rubbish and they are not Muslims.
** You will see a photo of Derna's proclamation below (hands on top of hands).

The following are more updates from today.

1. Yesterday an election in Tunisia saw the radical Islamists lose, this is a big deal for the Muslim Brotherhood who were attempting to control the entire N. Africa region.
The only part left to them now are pieces of Libya held only by force. Parts of Tripoli, Misurata (their center), Mitiga airport in Tripoli (controlled by Belhaj) and a few pieces in the east, more are falling daily.

2. Yesterday, there arrived at Mitiga airport, mercenaries from Sudan who have been trained as helicopter pilots by the Sudanese government.

3. There are no Libyans that support Belhaj or any of the terrorist groups now in Libya, the GNC (old puppet government, now illegally sitting in Tripoli) and full of Muslim Brotherhood has no support.

4. Many countries have now required the Libyan Embassies to be closed because they have recognized that they are staffed and run by terrorists and not part of the recognized
government in Tobruk. These were Libyan Embassies that still recognized the GNC as government in Libya.

5. Most of the terrorists fighting against the Libyan army and tribes are now mercenaries from Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia.

6. The Libyan army (all tribes now fight with the Libyan army) is winning in Libya and this is causing a dangerous situation because the radicals are desperate, yesterday they
burned the University in Benghazi. This is what they do when they lose – they begin to destroy.

7. General Khalifa Haftar is not playing a role, even though it is being reported here that he is the leader of the this cleansing, he is not. He is 30 years CIA and was the leader of the
mercenary army in 2011 working with NATO. He has a small group of maybe 200 or 300 but they stay outside of Benghazi and do little to nothing. All Libyans know this, but the
CIA is attempting to put him out front (at least in the media). They want him to be a leader in the new Libya – this will never happen, they cannot rewrite history.

8. The camp of the 17 February in Benghazi (those who started the so called revolution and were always radicals mostly Ansar Al Sharia) is now under the control of the Libyan army.

9. Deborah Jones, US Ambassador to Libya, acting out of Malta continues to work with the GNC, she is also speaking with Tobruk but has refused to disassociate herself with the illegitimate government
in Tripoli.

10. There is a rumor that the US is putting pressure on Turkey, Qatar and Sudan to stop supporting the terrorists in Libya. I hope this is true, means someone in the US has finally stepped up and is doing
something right.

The Libyans are winning, they are moving ahead and cleaning their country. All Libyans are enjoined in this battle, whether it be as a civilian reporting spies or as an army officer fighting on the front lines. The Great Tribes of Libya are working together with the Tobruk Government and the National Army, they are all working together and they will be victorious. They do not need UN troops or any other intervention, they know how to clean radical Islamists, they were all trained in this particular form of fighting by their great leader of the past who hated radical Islam and was determined to defeat any encroachment by the radicals into Libya. Before NATO, all radicals from Libya lived in exile.