US Bombing Libya AGAIN - Rebuke Issued by The House of Representatives in Tobruk

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The legitimate government of Libya, The House of Representatives in Tobruk, being the duly elected and internationally recognized as the government of Libya has issued a strong rebuke for the illegal bombings. You will see this official statement below in Arabic and the translation into English is next to it. The House of Representative is very angry and they demand an immediate meeting with US Ambassador. The National Security and Defense Council states clearly that Fayez al-Sarraj (the leader of UN puppet government) is not a legitimate leader in Libya and has NO authority to allow any country to enter Libyan sovereign space and to bomb Libya no matter what the reason.

Here is the truth:

The US has begun bombing Sirte, Libya again. Sirte was hit 5 times yesterday with US bombs. Under the pretense of bombing ISIS and we all know how well that has gone in Syria.

The illegal UN appointed puppet government made up of criminal terrorists and led by Saraaj (a Palestinian) came into Tripoli by the dark of night a few months ago. The reason they hid themselves in boats and came in to Tripoli in the middle of the night was because no one, not even the criminal militias wanted them in Libya. So, they arrived and are hold up in the Mitiga airport in Tripoli being protected by Belhaj and his gang of crimnals. Their leader Fayez al-Sarraj being backed by the Zionists and the military industrial complex, takes himself around Europe representing that the is the Prime Minister of Libya and he commander of the Libyan National Army. Nothing could be further from the truth, but this does not stop the lying mass media from reporting it by orders from their Khazarian mafia masters.

This Sarraj person has invited the US to come and bomb the Islamic State in Sirte. Of course he has no authority to do this as he is not recognized anywhere in Libya or the world as the legitimate leader of anything. The US however looking to get back into bombing Libya because of their great fear of a peoples movement to retake their country from the terrorist mercenaries occupying their country. The Libyan resistance promoting the Green Flag of the Great Jamahiriya of Ghadafi's Libya has grown in popularity and is sweeping the country with pride as Saif Al Islam was recently freed from his captures. This scares the Zionists more than anything - so they have used the illegal, unrecognized, puppet government of the UN as an excuse to begin attacking Libya again. You can be assured that they will bomb whatever they please and it will not stop in Sirte

Of course the main stream media has not picked up the reality of what is happening in Libya because they are attempting to push the legitimacy of Sarraj and of the bombing. Also this being an election year in the US, this is an attempt to buy votes by acting like the current administration is attacking ISIS, even though it is being done against the Libyan constitution and all international laws. The US is acting as a rogue nation, using their illegal puppet government as a means to their evil end.