US/UN/NATO Supported Radical Terrorist Militias Continue Destruction of Libya

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The Great Tribes of Libya have issued the following situation report for Libya - June 17, 2018

1. Libya is still suffering and being occupied illegally by the radical terrorist mercenaries brought into our country by the CIA and other covert groups in 2011. These terrorists call themselves "militias" to mask their real identity and intentions. These militias are made up of radical Islamists and psychopathic criminals. The many criminal militia gangs in Libya have joined forces as they see all the Libyan people are against them. The Libyan people look for a country wide election to put a real leader and real security back in our country. These militias are made up of Muslim Brotherhood, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Ansar al Sharia, Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Sallafist groups. and all other militia gangs of mercenary criminals stealing from and destroying Libya.

2. The UN imposed puppet government in Tripoli has joined forces with these militia groups and supports them with arms and money.

3. Misurata gangs have now joined forces with these militias in order to maintain their area of illegal control.

4. Some of the leaders of these militias are as follows: Ibrahim Jadhran, Ishmael Sallabi, Zayad Balaam and Ibrahim Sharkasi. These men are all criminals, they are all working outside of our Libyan laws and security regulations. They have no respect for humanity, no respect for property. Today they sent missiles into 2 oil tanks at the port of Ras Lanuf, destroying those tanks and closing any access to the road between Tripoli and Benghazi. These men are thieves and murderers, they care not about the innocent Libyans who continue to suffer daily from lack of food, electricity, water, fuel, etc. They look only to their own gains and the theft of Libya resources. It is estimated that there are some 50,000 of them in Libya.

5. These militias in Libya are supported with arms, mercenaries and money by Turkey, Qatar and covertly by the Western Zionist controlled powers (UN, US, UK, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Israel)

6. The Libyan National Army is fighting these groups but lacks the means and weapons (because of the continued illegal embargo by the UN) to fully dispose of these mafia militias from Libya.

7. The Great Tribes of Libya fully support the Libyan National Army and its work to cleanse Libya of these criminals who were placed in Libya illegally in 2011.

8. Today, Africom (US imposed military control of Africa) bombed near the town of Bani Walid Libya. The US military stated they were attempting to kill some person (unnamed) associated with ISIS. They claimed no civilians were injured. This was a complete LIE, 3 civilians were killed in this bombing.

Today, as it has been so for the past 7 years, the destruction of our beloved Libya continues under the fist of the imposed militia mafia. This destruction was started by a lie in 2011. All the people of Libya know and understand the dirty game that was played against them and their sovereign country by the Western Zionist controlled countries.. All the citizens of Libya are members of tribes. We as the leaders of those tribes speak for the Libyan people. We ask the world to look into Libya and see the war crimes and crimes against humanity that continue to this day. These criminal acts must be addressed, they must be stopped. We the great tribes of Libya stand ready to join hands with people and countries of good heart and humanity who will step forward to help us regain our sovereignty and security.