VIDEO Breaking News Libya Misurata Gate Bombed, Bernard Levi Egged in Belgium

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A short video update from Libyan Resistance (these are the Libyans fighting to restore their country to security and peace and cleanse their country of all Islamic radicals).

The video is in English, it tells about a car bombing at one of the Misurata gates today where 4 Misurata radical Islamic militia members were killed.

Sidebar...for those who do not know or understand, Misurata is now home to the militia known as "Libya Dawn". They are made up of Libyan traitors, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and others, they are all criminals and radicals. This group is illegally holding thousands of Libyan citizens who have never broken any laws or been charged with any crimes. To date they have tortured thousands to death, no one really knows the number. As a result of their continued crimes against Libya and her people (raping women, stealing, destruction of homes, killing at random, destroying the Tripoli airport etc.), Misurata is now the most hated city in all of Libya. Consequently they have had to "gate" the city of Misurata to protect themselves from all Libyans. And Misurata was the city that joined the false flag revolution at the beginning because Misurata is the home of the Zionists in Libya. Misurata was founded by a group of Jewish immigrants from Turkey about 150 years ago, this group became the biggest mafia in Libya and controlled over 60% of all construction projects. Misurata is home to the only mega port in Libya but it is only capable of one ship a day. Other attempts to build mega ports in Libya in the past were stopped by this Turkish mafia. So, when Libya found that hundreds of millions of dollars had been stolen (in a Bernie Madoff type ponzi bond scheme) by this Turkish Mafia; the Libyan government told this mafia that they were going to take all of their ill gained assets and put them in jail. Amazing that the Libyan revolution started just about the same time and of course the Turkish Misurata Mafia was first in line to join against the legitimate Libyan government.

So, no tears shed here or in Libya for the Misurata rats that were killed by the car bomb, no surprise either.

Also, you will see on this update, Bernard Levy, head Zionist who fomented, funded and fed the illegal war against Libya. He is a French billionaire who conveniently shows up (along with John McCain) at the beginning of all these false flag revolutions started in countries that are not following the Zionist bankers rules (Syria, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine). Well, he showed up in Belgium for some kind of meeting and he was met by being physically thrown out and by being egged! All I can say is "well done you Belgium people", finally someone is standing up against this war criminal.

Watch the video, it is short but very informative.