Video - Great Tribes of Libya Cleaning Their Country of Islamic Extremists

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The Great Tribes of Libya have joined together to begin the systematic cleansing of their country from Islamic extremist rubbish and all foreign mercenaries working with them. They have begun with Tripoli and are having substantial success. The Misurata criminals, now starting to have great losses are scared; shocked that they are losing they are in great fear. They even brought in Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia and other radical Islamic mercenaries from all over the region to help. They are still losing. The tribes of Libya and their internal military organizations have been trained for many years to fight radical Islamic terrorists. Ghadafi was 100% against extremists and all his military was trained to fight them and to keep them out of Libya. Besides having a wealth of knowledge about their people and their country landscape, the tribes are bound by their heritage to clean their country of these amoral criminals. They will do it. It has begun.

The strong Wershafana tribe of Tripoli, has captured a Pakistani Al Qaeda mercenary "sniper" working with the Misurata militias. (see photo and video below) This Al Qaeda mercenary was carrying a fake Libyan ID issued to him by none other than Abdallah al-Thinni the once Defense Minister of the puppet government of Libya. Al Thinni took over temporarily as Prime Minister when Ali Zeidan was forced from power. The last few days found this man, Al Thinni - no longer PM - no longer Defense Minister - in DC attempting to gather support from the US government to back his gangs of radical Islamists in their attempt to maintain control of Libya by any means (see photo below). But who does he represent? No one in Libya...

Last night near Tripoli another mercenary "sniper" was killed by the Wershafana tribe. This man was Egyptian and a member of the terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood. This man also carried a fake Libyan ID. (see photo below)

At this time there is no recognized government of Libya. The puppet government has completely collapsed because it was never there to serve the Libyan people. It was only there to serve its Zionists masters and to rob the people of Libya of their country, their freedom and their wealth. As it crumbled so did its hold on the Libyan people. The gangs of terrorists that walked the streets policing the public like Hitlers "brown shirts" are no longer being paid. Being mercenaries, they have no loyalty to any country, so with out pay, they are not interested to fight. The banks of Libya have been closed for some weeks now as they were being robbed by the militia gangs on a daily basis. All foreign embassies are closed, the country is now in the hands of the tribes.

This is the first time since Obama, Clinton, and NATO illegally attacked their country in 2011 that the Libyan people begin to see hope for a better future.