VIDEO Libyans in Tripoli Threatened to Not Protest Anniversary of Massacre

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The criminal terrorists occupying Tripoli known as "Libya Dawn" and their radical leader Omar Al Hassi have warned the Libyan people not to take to the streets to protest and commemorate the first anniversary of what is known as a "massacre of Gharghour" where dozens of civilians were killed or wounded by the Libya Dawn Militias.

The threat to the civilian people of Tripoli by the Libyan Dawn terrorists and the old puppet illegitimate terrorist government in Tripoli is happening all the time now. When the Libyan Supreme court decided that the duly elected Parliament in Toburk was not legitimate, everyone in Libya knew it was a ruse. They knew that 3 of the judges had resigned and there was not even a quorum which is required for any decision. They also knew that decision was made under duress, that being gun point. So, the people of Tripoli took to the streets in protest to the fake decision. People who took to the street were fired upon by the Libyan Dawn militia gangs ordered by their criminal leader Al Hassi.

You will see a video of Libya Dawn radical terrorists roaming the streets ready to shoot anyone who would say anything about their acts of terror.

Again, where is the UN? Where are all the cries of oppression and urgent need to save and help the innocent people of Libya. Seems there is no need to do anything about the atrocities being committed in Libya because they are being committed by the Zionists puppets, thus, keeping Libya unstable and under the thumb of the evil one world order Zionist Banksters.