VIDEO Proof: Hillary Clinton Arms Al Qaeda Mercenaries (rebels) in Libya 2011

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Most of our readers know that we were in Libya for 100 days during the illegal Clinton/NATO war against that country and that we were captured by Clinton's Al Qaeda mercenaries, sentenced to death only to escape by 3 miracles. Recently there has been a lot of media covering Marc Turi, the man Hillary Clinton hired to figure a way to sneak weapons into Libya to arm her Al Qaeda mercenaries against the embargo by the UN. The plan was to run the arms through Qatar to wash the proof of where they had come from, well just so happens the Libyan's Coast Guard captured some of the gun runners and they confessed everything.

The capture and explanation by Dr. Moussa Ibrahim (Libya's official spokesperson in 2011) was seen all over Libya on TV.

We received a copy of the presentation from Dr. Moussa and you will see it played below. You will also see that all the weapons are marked QATAR but they are US/UK weapons. Qatar does not manufacture any weapons. Qatar was heavily involved, not only in the destruction of Libya, but also in the theft of billions of dollars of Libyan assets such as gold and silver.

As proven by Marc Turi's most recent interview with Fox News, the Clinton plan was to run guns through Qatar - thus the proof is in the video - these are Clinton's illegal arms being supplied to radical Islamic terrorists, ending up in the hands of Al Qaeda, ISIS, Ansar Al Sharia, LIFG and other radical groups.

This act alone makes Hillary Clinton a war criminal and a traitor to the USA.