Video Proof / US Troops on the Ground in Libya 2011

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More Obama lies..he said the there were NO BOOTS on the ground in Libya in 2011

More shocking that the fact that there were US troops on the ground fighting in Libya during the 2011 NATO false flag operation against Libya, is the fact that the US was supporting the Al Qaeda mercenaries that were brought into Libya by the CIA (more than 250,000) from all over the Middle East and North Africa. This is now fully proven and made public by the Citizens Committee on Benghazi, Dr. Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily and other sources.

The only Libyans willing to destroy their country in 2011 were those that were radical Islamists as they were not welcome in Libya ever, not by Ghadafi, not by the Libyan government and not by 95% of the Libyan people. Consequently, the criminal western countries who conspired to break Libya by any illegal means had to bring in radical Islamist foreign mercenaries to take over the country.

This video shows not only the lies of Obama but the abuse of the US military - making them join in the criminal activities of terrorists