The Zionist Destruction of Libya Continues

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The last few months in Libya have been marked by increasing violence. Not that there has been any peace in Libya since 2011 when Clinton and Obama sent NATO and 250,000 mercenaries to destroy all security in the country and leave it a failed state run by puppet extremist governments and criminal terrorists who have robbed, raped and pillaged the country for over 6 years. But the last few months have shown a marked difference in their criminals tactics. The reason is, they see their hold on Libya weakening and they are desperate to maintain control of their fated calf.

Before I get into the internals in Libya, I would like to point out something about the UK bomber, Suleman Abedi. Mr Abedi, his brother and father are all part of the radical Islamic terrorist organization LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group). This terrorist group was founded in the East of Libya years ago by Abdulhakem Belhaj, probably the most hated man in Libya. Belhaj was fighting with the Taliban against the US before he was arrested and jailed in Libya under the old regime. Ghadafi was against radical Islam and these terrorists were not allowed in Libya, so they either lived in exile or in prison in Libya. Big point here, John McCain joined hands with Belhaj to overthrow the legitimate government in Libya. (see photo below of McCain receiving an award from Belhaj for helping destroy Libya). The terrorist attack in the UK is a direct result of the destruction of Libya. These terrorists would not have money or freedom to commit these crimes if the Libyan country was still in tact. Belhaj has stolen more than 1 billion dollars from Libya, consider how much terror he can create with that kind of money.

Last week there was a slaughter of approximately 180 Libyan army soldiers in the South of Libya a place called Brak (Wadi Shati, Fezzan). The Libyan national army headed by Khalifa Haftar had made a peace agreement with the puppet UN "so called Unity government". This was an agreement never meant to be kept by the criminal UN puppet government (GNA). This is a quote from the Human Rights Watch,

"Beirut) – Forces aligned with the United Nations-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) attacked a military base and allegedly executed at least 30 captured soldiers, Human Rights Watch said today. A hospital official and an eyewitness told Human Rights Watch that soldiers from the 13th Battalion aligned with the GNA Defense Ministry attacked the base in Brak El-Shati, in southern Libya, on May 18, 2017, and executed troops from the 12th Battalion of the Libyan National Army (LNA)". Read the full article here:

In the end, there were to be over 180 slaughtered, the soldiers were not expecting an attack as they had been assured that peace had been reached. The attackers killed and slaughtered civilian workers as well as soldiers. The soldiers were taken out to the desert, put on their knees, hands tied behind their backs and shot in the head execution style. The UN puppet government (GNA) attempted to disavow any knowledge of the attack, but the attack was made by the 13th Battalion. The 13th Battalion is under the command of Al-Mahdi Al-Barghathi, the GNA defense minister. The GNA, based in Tripoli, is the only Libyan government recognized by the UN Security Council. The UN puppet government (GNA) has now fired Al Barghathi and supposedly started an investigation, however Mr. Al Barghathi is disputing Serraj (head of the GNA) saying he will fight this dismissal as he has witnesses and taped recordings of the order to attack the military base by Serraj head of the GNA. These kind of war crimes have been ongoing in Libya since 2011, but this one is a particularly heinous committed by heartless men mostly mercenaries. Here is a link to more proof and photos by a good friend whose source is 100% proven authentic.

Again you see the UN openly creating death and destruction in Libya.

Now we come to Tripoli. In Tripoli you have rival puppet governments and rival terrorist militias all attempting to maintain their control (meanwhile no one gives a thought about the suffering of the over 1 and 1/2 million civilians)

First, you have the puppet government of the UN (GNA Government of National Accord) appointed arbitrarily outside of Libya in Tunisia by the UN and rejected by the Great Libyan tribes (representing all the people in Libya) as not legitimate. The people of Libya had no say in the selection of this puppet government , whose leader is named Serraj. This government has assigned themselves a PC or Presidential Council that oversees the GNA. This puppet government is full of Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and other radicals, this is a government that would never be accepted by the Libyan people.

Second, you have the GNC (General National Council also known as the National Salvation Government), this is the puppet government that was set up by NATO and Clinton. This government was thrown out after a UN supported election of all Libyans in 2014 put in to power non radicals to start a Libyan House of Representatives (Parliament) for the country. The GNC refused to accept the results of the election and began to attack those that were duly elected and their families. The GNC maintains its illegal position by force of armed militias in Tripoli, but no Libyans want them or support them. The GNC is made up of criminals, liars, thieves, terrorists, extremists, etc.

Third, you have the actual LEGITIMATELY ELECTED government of Libya in Tobruk headed by Prime Minister Abdullah Althni. This legitimate government should be seated in Tripoli but for their own safety they must stay in the east in Tobruk. Libyan election 2014

Finally you have various militias that do not fall under any government. The most famous are the Misurata militias led by Salah Badi who is a leader of Fajr Libya (Dawn of Libya). The Fajr Libya coalition is a controversial movement, as it embraces some fundamentalist groups. Mr. Badi is a war criminal and his militias are made up of mercenaries, radical Islamists and other criminals, he supports neither of the puppet governments in Tripoli. Misurata is the home of many illegal prisons holding thousands of Libyans (men, women and children) since 2011, more than 20,000 have been tortured to death. Mr. Badi joined hands with Clinton, Obama and NATO to overthrow the legitimate Libyan government in 2011. To date he has stolen more than 600 million dollars from Libya and the Libyan people.

The second militia with the most power is headed by Haitham Al Tajouri. Al Tajouri is not an extremist but he is a criminal, a rat. He supported the destruction of Libya by NATO and has been reaping benefits along with his gangs ever since. You could actually compare him to an old west gang. Now comes the interesting part. Tajouri does not support any puppet government and he has taken it upon himself and his group to fight against them. In the last few days, Tajouri and his men stormed the Al Hadba Prison in Tripoli. This prison was holding some very high profile people like Saudi Ghadafi (son of M. Ghadafi), Abuzaid Dorda (past Prime Minister of Libya a very good man), Abdullah (al) Senussi (past head of intelligence) and Al Mahmoudi Al Baghdadi (standing Prime Minister when NATO attacked). All, let me repeat that, all the prisoners were released or taken out of the Al Hadba prison. At this time no one knows where they are or what will happen to them. But understand that Tajouri is not a political animal, he is just a criminal so anything could happen but in my opinion all of the people in that prison are now in better hands.

The last event that I would like to report is that Egypt stepped up and bombed Daesh (radicals) in Derna a city in the east of Libya . Egypt is now stepping up because over 20 coptic Christians were killed by Daesh in Egypt earlier last week. Egypt understands the games being played in Libya and they will not stand for it any longer. The terrorists bleed into Egypt, commit heinous crimes and atrocities and then run back to Libya for protection. No more, Egypt is taking action and is fully supported by the great tribes of Libya.

So, there you have it - the Libyans continue to suffer in their own country whilst illegal occupiers fight over who gets to own their country. The most important point to remember in all of this mess is that the Great Libyan tribes could cleanse their country and create security for all in a couple of weeks if the West would just stop meddling in their country; stop arming and funding the puppet governments and terrorist militias. The agenda of the criminal New World Order Khazarian mafia has never been clearer than in Libya, the Libyan people have no say they have had their country stolen by power mongers, lies, war crimes and greed. The world had better wake up because we are all next on the list.