The Tribes of Libya

The Tribes of Libya are a very big deal, every Libyan is a member of a tribe (maybe 2% are not because of immigration) but the tribes are the shadow government.
The map of Libya denotes tribal areas by number, the numbers are on the Questions and answers document as you will see. This list of questions was given to us by the Department of Defense Intelligence Agency. They have no information about the tribes of Libya and they did not believe that we could get the questions answered. They were answered in 24 hours along with the map.
If the DIA has this information the people of the world should have it. This was in May of 2013.
Next is a document with links for videos of Sheik Ali Al Lahwel speaking

Black genocide in Libya

These are files on the black genocide in Libya. The radical Islamists put out in the media a threat to all blacks in Libya that they would cleanse the country. This was put out at the beginning of the war in 2011, I attached some articles they are dated, this genocide continues today. The last photo of the young man tortured to death is within the past few months. The video was taken during the war. About 30% of all Libyans are black, this is a horrible atrocity. I will upload the video on you tube presently.


NATO was illegally supplying British and US weapons to Al Qaeda and the Libyan rebels via Qatar. A ship was caught by the Libyan Coast Guard and these photos are of the stash they caught. The captured rebels confessed the entire thing. The video is of the official spokesperson for Libya during the war, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim. This was in July 2011.

2 Atrocities

Beginning NATO atrocities, this young man (We interviewed his family they would not speak with the western media) was a Libyan soldier captured by NATO’s Al Qaeda mercenaries, the video is very graphic, they used Al Jazeera and Al Arabia news papers to promote the lies that this was Ghadafi doing this to the rebels. They captured a group of Libyan soldiers, lied to them told them they were helping them, had them change their clothes so people would not know that they were Libyan soldiers. They tore up their passports – had a kangaroo court and sentenced them all to death. The dark skinned soldiers were cut and the lighter skinned were shot in the back of the head.


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