Abdulhakem Belhaj Becomes Head of ISIS in Libya

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Abdulhakem Belhaj is the most hated man in Libya. Belhaj was a major player in the destruction of Libya , he is the founder of the radical Islamic group LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) and has had his terrorists controlling Tripoli for years, he is also a CIA asset. Belhaj lived in exile from Libya or in prison most of his life because he is a radical Islamic terrorist piece of rubbish. The Libyan government before the NATO war crimes, was against all forms of radical Islam and any persons attempting to spread radical Islam or committing acts of terror either left the country or were imprisoned. Belhaj fought against the US alongside the terrorists in Afghanistan.

Now fast forward to 2011, Hillary Clinton and John McCain happily join forces with the 4% of Libyan radical Islamic psychos to illegally take over the sovereign nation of Libya. Of course Belhaj was at the forefront, he is a whore for media and prides himself to be a great leader. The only way Belhaj got any power in Libya was to have the US/NATO destroy the entire country, kill 600,000 innocent Libyans, blow up over 1 trillion dollars of infrastructure, bring in 250,000 radical Islamic mercenaries and turn the country over to them. Without a doubt the most heinous war crime committed in the last 70 years.

Once Libya was broken and half of her people in exile (2.5 million), one million homeless, 600,000 dead, hundreds of thousand illegally imprisoned, Belhaj happily took his place as terrorist leader of Tripoli. He proceeded to rape the country, kill and torture the people and destroy the Tripoli International Airport leaving the old Wheelus Airforce Base (Mitiga Airport) as the only airport left in Tripoli and of course under HIS control. He also has his own personal prison in the Mitiga airport.

Belhaj being the opportunist that he is, started to realize that ISIS was gaining control in Libya, so in order to keep his power he joined another terrorist organization. Just to be clear they are all the same no matter what the name. They change the name to confuse the west but they all work for the same goal - terror and control. I should also mention that Belhaj has become incredibly rich by stealing money from the banks in Libya, he is truly a piece of rubbish.

But, the most disgusting/disturbing fact about Belhaj is that John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other so called US patriots have joined forces with him and call him their best friend and as John McCain so crudely put it "these are my heroes". John McCain even received an award from Belhaj for his work in helping to destroying Libya.

John McCain and Hillary Clinton joined hands with, armed, funded and trained America's enemies. How is that they are not under charges of treason? I can tell you this, the Libyan people all 5 million that are left would testify to McCain and Clinton's crimes against humanity in Libya.

There is a great article out about Belhaj by Kurt Nimmo: "CIA Asset Joins Islamic State in Libya – Abdelhakim Belhadj Worked with U.S. and NATO to Overthrow Gaddafi"