Who are James and Joanne Moriarty? Our story intro

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Greetings- July 23, 2013

Heard you both on THE POWER HOUR radio program with Joyce Riley.
Nice interview, thank you. Yes, Libya was wrongly overthrown by the Jewish Rothschild Zionists Hq'ed in
the City of London. They have made a BIG mistake in Libya (and in Egypt) with their so-called , "arab spring".
They are going for WW3 in the Middle East- violating next the sovereign territory of both syria and iran.
These jewish/zionist terrorists will stop at nothing to fullfill their global eugenics/spy-surveillance police state plans for total control of Earth-
i call it the new 4th Reich- in scripture its called the BEAST (of revelations). Thank you both for speaking the truth with regards to what transpired in Libya. The Crimes these zionist filth
have committed through Al-CIA'eda' have ALL been written down and recorded in the eternal books on high. They will ALL be punished at the Judgement- HELL shall be a most fitting recompense for these SCUM, rest assured.


Jonas the Prophet
Colorado USA