Al Qaeda Criminal Abdulhakim Belhaj Raises His Ugly Head and Claims He is the Savior of Libya

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Leave it to CNN to give a voice to one of the most notorious Al Qaeda leaders in the world, Abdulhakim Belhaj.

Belhaj was attempting to tell the world that he will be Libya's savior. This man has to either be living in an alternate universe or he is completely disillusional. If there is a "most hated" person list in Libya, Belhaj would have to be at the top.

Lets look at a little history of the man called Belhaj. Belhaj was born in Libya. He was a dissident from his youth because he is a radical Islamist. He follows the same radical Islam that Al Qaeda, The Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, LIFG, ISIS and others all follow. Belhaj, was born in Libya when it was prospering under the rule of Ghadafi who was openly against radical Islam. Belhaj began to travel and align himself with the likes of Osama Bin Laden. Belhaj was determined to kill Ghadafi and overthrow the government, replacing it with his radical psychopathic friends. He went about forming the LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group see below LIFG is on the US Terrorist group list) and began training and indoctrinating young men to go and fight against the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. He made a number of attempts with his gangs to make a forced incursion into the East of Libya. He failed every time because the Libyan army was not going to allow this radical mess in Libya and second the Libyan people are 95%+ against radical Islam. The majority of Libyan radicals lived in exile because if they returned to Libya with their long beards and radical behavior they would be imprisoned. Belhaj organized three assassination attempts on Ghadafi, which of course failed. An arrest warrant was put out by the Ghadafi government for Belhaj and he was picked up by the CIA in Thailand and turned over to the Libyan government where he was imprisoned in Abu Salim prison. In 2010, Saif Al Islam Ghadafi took on a program to rehabilitate radical Islamists that were imprisoned in Libya. After the program some 200 radicals were released, Belhaj was among them. This in retrospect, proved to be a huge mistake as there is no rehab for these radical psychopaths.

Jump forward to 2011, a false flag fake revolution, lies in the media and other events allow NATO and the US to bring in 250,000 Al Qaeda type mercenaries into Libya to overthrow the legitimate government. It is no surprise that Belhaj joins hands with the US and immediately takes a leadership role in the so called Libyan revolution. The US and NATO openly join hands with the Al Qaeda radicals who have been living outside of Libya for years. The fact that only 5% of the Libyan population supported radical Islam and the false revolution is the reason for the need for thousands of mercenaries. John McCain immediately showed up on the ground when the false flag was created and became good friends with Belhaj. I have posted a photo below of Belhaj presenting an award to McCain in 2012.

After thousands of bombing raids by NATO, destroying over a trillion dollars worth of infrastructure, Belhaj finally had his victory. Forget the 500,000 dead Libyan men, women and children, forget that 2 million (out of 5 million total) Libyans who have to leave their homes and live in exile or be imprisoned and tortured to death by Belhaj and his minions. Obviously, for Belhaj this was not about Libya it was about his personal power, thousands of dead Libyans just acceptable collateral damage.

Today, Belhaj is the leader of the conservative Islamist al-Watan Party and former head of Tripoli Military Council. He and his small group in the al-Watan party ran for office in the June 2014 election. Not one of them won a seat and Belhaj was elected to NOTHING. He has taken for himself, control of the Mitiga airport in Tripoli. He has a private prison there where he holds illegally Libyans who he does not like or who happen to disagree with his form of forced control. He keeps control of Tripoli by use of his criminal mafia gangs, most of them made up of mercenaries all working with the Misurata criminal mafia gangs and the Muslim Brotherhood. There is no legitimate government in Tripoli, the puppet government set up by NATO and the US was disbanded in February of this year but stayed on temporarily until the election in June. The majority of the GNC are Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia and other radicals. When the election results showed that all the radicals were thrown out, those in the GNC refused to recognize the election and refused to allow the duly elected government to take its rightful place in Tripoli. This is why the internationally recognized, legitimate government of Libya now meets in eastern city of Tobruk. Those trying to keep their power in Tripoli (Belhaj included) have threatened the legitimate government with death if they come to Tripoli. The criminal government in Tripoli is holding its power via force, force of the Misurata mafia militias (led by criminal Salah Badi in photo with Belhaj below), The Muslim Brotherhood and huge numbers of mercenaries (see photo below of passports of hundreds of mercenaries). These gangs are being armed and funded by Qatar, Turkey, Sudan, Saudi and the US (behind the scenes). The weapons are being delivered via airplane to Belhaj at the Mitiga airport.

Belhaj saying that his is the savior of Libya is like Bin Laden saying the he is the savior of the USA. The media that allows Belhaj to say this kind of tripe is completely irresponsible, but then again what do you expect from CNN? Belhaj is constantly trying to remake his image into someone that can pass as a moderate on the world stage. He is a complete and utter fake and a liar. He is the worst of all hypocrites who demands human rights for himself but gives none to any other person.

In the end, Belhaj shows himself to care nothing about Libya or its people. In his mind, all Libyans can die as long as he can keep his power. This is a fact known by all Libyans and why they hate him so much, they hold him responsible for the demise of their country and the death of their children and families.

And he is responsible!

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