Al Qaeda Training Camps in Derna Libya October 2013

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Open article to watch the video taken in the Al Qaeda training camps in Derna, Libya. This is thank you very much NATO and Barack Hussein Obama. Libya was a nation full of non radical Muslims (95%), only 5% or less were radicals and none of those were allowed in Libya. All the radicals were living in exile, fighting the US in Afghanistan and Iraq. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and NATO joined hands with these radicals, that had been killing US military in Afghanistan, armed, funded and trained them to invade the sovereign nation of Libya. THERE WAS NO REVOLUTION IN LIBYA. Libya being the most progressive Muslim country in the world and the most developed (and developing) African country. Libya was attacked, invaded and turned over to Al Qaeda. All the wealth of Libya now goes to radical Islamists from all over the world. Of the 5.5 million total Libyan population, 2 million now live in exile, their only crime is that they are not radical Islamists, 3 million Libyans are trapped inside Libya being terrorized daily by the Islamic extremists armed gangs that roam the country stealing, raping and murdering at will. There are 500,000 dead or missing Libyans.

This video is proof that Al Qaeda is openly training in Libya. The US in aware of this! This would have never happened under the old regime in Libya. The war crimes committed by NATO and the US against the innocent people of Libya are so dramatic and atrocious that all people are shocked just looking at the photos. This was a peaceful country and a country fighting along side of the US to stop Al Qaeda and radical Islamists world wide. Ghadafi was the first leader to step forward and warn the world and the UN about the growth of Al Qaeda. The 2006 US treaty with Libya required that Ghadafi step down and that Libya rid themselves of 50% of their weapons. All treaty requirements were agreed to, there was a second treaty (with the US) in 2009 where more disarmament was required and agreed to with one request from the Libyans. "If they were attacked the US would help defend them". They had no idea that it would be the US that would attack them.

The Libyans only request now is that the US stop supporting the Al Qaeda in Libya and they will clean their own country of these radicals now controlling Libya from all over the Middle East and N. Africa. The US has never agreed or even responded. What is Barack Obama's plan, why does he now turn a blind eye to Libya which has become Al Qaeda's home and bank? Where is the UN? Where are the human rights groups?

We all need to wake up! Al Qaeda in Libya, daily and without fear, threatens the US and declares war on all Western countries. They now have the wealth of Libya and the land of Libya from which to stage their attacks.

by JoAnne Moriarty