BREAKING: All Libyan Tribes Join Together Against Terrorists and Illegal Occupiers

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Update Libyan Tribes - September 13, 2018

The great tribes of Libya have had enough.

In a spectacular, once in 100 year event, ALL the tribes of Libya will come together to cleanse their country of the evil that was delivered upon their sovereign country by NATO, Hillary Clinton, Obama, John McCain, Sarkozy, Cameron, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. All of the aforementioned entities working for the New World Order Khazarian Zionists.

There will be a a meeting of all the western tribes in Tarhouna near Tripoli on this coming SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2018. All the tribes in Libya agree to and support this tribal meeting and will be updated constantly. Libyan tribes are made up of all the legitimate Libyan people as they are all members of tribes. These western tribes will include the great Werfalla tribe from Bani Walid, the largest tribe in Libya having more than 2 million members.

All the tribes of Libya have joined with the 7th Brigade. The 7th Brigade is the "legitimate" LIBYAN ARMY. The 7th Brigade is made up of long time Libyan officers and soldiers. This is the legitimate Libyan army not to be confused by any other pitiful puppet led army in Libya.

The great tribes of Libya come together in this exceptional way to cleanse their country of all terrorists and illegal occupiers of their land. Those terrorists include but are not limited to: Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Salafists, Wahabists, all mercenaries, all Misurata militias, all foreign assets to include CIA, black water, MI5, Mossad, French intelligence, Italian troops, UN puppets and any other criminals who have committed crimes against Libya and her people.

The tribes asked me to explain that the situation on the ground in Libya especially Tripoli is very confused. Many militias and occupiers fight together and against each other. The media will never and can never explain what is happening now on the ground. Even the people living in Tripoli do not understand. This is a kind of destabilization tool, but the tribes understand, they do not take sides with any terrorists, they will clean them all.

The last time the great tribes of Libya joined together was in 1969. This was their great Al Fateh Revolution. The bloodless coup that removed the old UK despot puppet "king". At that time the largest 11 tribes appointed the great leader Moammar Al Ghadafi to lead Libya. This is a singular event, it is a ground shaking event for Libya, her people and her culture.

This will be the end of the criminals who have continued to steal from and destroy the lives of the legitimate Libyan people. Their time has come to an end.

God bless the Great Tribes of Libya, may God stand with them as they clean their country of the evil that was rained down upon them by the most evil cabal in the world, the Khazarian Zionist mafia.