BREAKING Dr. Abuzaid Dorda FREE, After 8 years Illegal Imprisonment

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Today all across Libya, people are celebrating. One of the most respected and loved statesmen of Libya has been freed from his prison of almost 8 years. Quite appropriately on the historical "day of shame" for Libya, the February 17,2011 FALSE FLAG phony revolution.

Dr. Abuzaid Dorda was head of Libya's Intelligence Committee during the 2011 invasion by NATO. Dr. Dorda had been Prime Minister of Libya from 1990 to 1994, he was also General Secretary of the People's Committee and Libya's representative to the UN from 1997 to 2003.

Dr. Dorda broke no laws, committed no crimes. His only crime was that he supported his legitimate government in 2011 and that he was/is a great Libyan leader who could help lead Libya back to sovereignty, peace and freedom away from the criminals who illegitimately took (by force) control of Libya.

Dr. Dorda did not run away from Libya in the 2011 invasion by NATO/UN. He stood for the Libyan people, they know his sacrifice and respect him for it.

Dr. Dorda was captured in Tripoli after NATO came in with their hundreds of terrorist mercenaries leading them with bombs and helicopters (cannons firing). The so called NTC troops (this is a lie, they were not troops they were mercenaries and terrorists) captured him and held him at gun point in a 3rd story apartment. They then began to torture him to get him to admit to atrocities that were never committed. After he would not lie and refused to admit breaking any laws, they threw him out the third story window in an attempted assassination. He was gravely injured (both legs broken). He barely survived, only after demands by the world community that he be correctly treated was he taken to a legitimate hospital.

Dr. Dorda has been held ILLEGALLY as so many in Libya are today. He never broke any law, he never committed any crimes. It was his captures who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. It is these thugs and terrorists who were brought into Libya by NATO/US/UN/UK/France and it is these criminals that continue to be supported by the same NATO gang of Khazarian mafia New World Order thugs.

It is truly a wonderful day in Libya, a great man has been freed. A man who can help lead his people to peace and freedom. The Libyan people celebrate and we celebrate, we know that this is heart warming event for the Libyan people who have been suffering without hope for 8 years since the destruction of their beautiful country.