BREAKING Italian Army in Misurata Supporting Terrorists Against UN Security Council

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The great tribes of Libya have informed me of the following:

The Italian Army remains in the Libyan city of Misurata, supporting the head of terrorism, the Turkish Mafia, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Ansar al Sharia, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood This is against the National Security Council of the UN, demanding that all countries (foreigners) stay out of Libya's fight for their freedom from terrorists.

The world must understand this, it is a money deal for Italy. They are nothing but thieves, aiding and abetting other thieves in Libya. Italy is stealing natural gas from Libya via the pipelines under the Mediterranean which they were paying for before 2011. They need this theft to continue and the UN gets a piece of the pie. Libya's rich natural gas should be a financial nourishment for the Libyan people, instead it is feeding terrorists and thieves. SHAME ON YOU ITALY, SHAME ON THE UN.

The Libyan National Army is slowing cleaning Tripoli. They move slowly and strongly. The reason they do this is because they want to protect civilian lives and homes. The terrorists militias of the GNA (UN puppet government) on the other hand are out to destroy Tripoli, hide behind civilians, blow up homes and other infrastructure, rob from the banks and people to try and maintain their criminal control. They put out lies in their controlled media i.e. the "Libyan Express" and the "Libyan Report" in an attempt to engineer hatred in the world for the real source for good "The Libyan National Army". You will not ever see them discuss the crimes against humanity committed by them (the GNA terrorist militias).

The people of Libya who are all members of tribes and all the Great Tribes of Libya support the Libyan National Army. The Libyan people understand fully who the terrorist militias are, who put them in their country and who supports their continued theft and destruction of Libya. They understand that there will be no sovereignty, no peace and no security in their country unless and until these terrorists are cleansed from their country. They know, no matter what any foreign media says, there cannot be negotiations with terrorists. And the GNA puppet government of the UN in Tripoli has NO AUTHORITY to negotiate on behalf of the Libyan people.

The tribes informed me that they fully understand that the head of the snake (Misurata) must be cleansed or removed from Libya. They also understand that as long as the Italian army remains in Misurata, any attack on that city by the Libyan National Army will give Italy an excuse to attack them and possibly cry to NATO to return to attack Libya. They know the dirty game that was played against them in 2011 and for the past 8 years. They will not be lured into that trap again.

It is time now for the world but also and most importantly for the African Union to step up and demand that Italy and their forces who are illegally in Libya to LEAVE immediately. Italy has one of the most shameful histories in the world with Libya. They are proving themselves to have learned nothing from their past crimes against Libya except that they want to recreate those crimes. The promises made to Libya in the past about retribution and regret were all lies - in the end they are nothing but imperialist criminals.

We offer our prayers, great respect and support for all Libyans fighting for their country. All the Libyan tribes having joined the fight are great patriots and should be honored as such.