Breaking Libya - ISIS Takes Bin Jawad City and Sidra Oil Port

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Today ISIS has taken control of the city of Bin Jawad on the mid Eastern coast line of Libya, they are soon to control the Oil seaport of Sidra thus stealing more oil as they are currently doing in Syria and Iraq. ISIS is already in control of the city of Sirte and Ajdabiya in Libya. The Muslim Brotherhood, which is a front and tool of the Mossad, MI6 and CIA is currently in control of Tripoli. These terrorists hold Tripoli by force as they were all "voted out" in the past election, a couple years ago. They refused to leave and instead forced the legitimately elected government to remove itself to the city of Tobruk (so that the duly elected representatives and their families could stay alive). The city of Misurata is still controlled by the militias of radicals that were formed during the 2011 war. Many of the occupiers of Libya are not Libyans; they were brought in to Libya illegally as mercenaries and as a proxy army for Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama to destroy the legitimate Libyan government and take over the country by force.

The legitimate Libyan army fighting all of these radical terrorist groups is still under an arms embargo put on them by the UN since the 2011 war. On the other hand, Turkey and Qatar are supplying daily weapons and mercenaries to the terrorists illegally occupying Libya, this is with the blessings and help of the Obama administration.

Still attempting to remain in some type of control you have the well known Libyan terrorist leader and founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Abdulhakem Belhaj. Just this week he was in Tunisia meeting with the fraud government of Tripoli demanding that he be made the Minister of Interior and that 2 of his terrorist buddies be given other ministries. Just a reminder, Belhaj is a long time friend of John McCain, there are many photos of them together as McCain was in Libya supporting the illegal occupation and take over by radical Islamist terrorists. For those who do not know, Belhaj was in prison in Libya for terrorist crimes in the Great Jamahiriya (Libya) before the War Criminals of NATO and the US blew it up. Libya did not allow radical Islam in the country and Ghadafi was the main leader in getting rid of all radical Islamists - something I bet most people did not know.

As usual the country of Libya is forgotten or ignored by the lamestream media. Now that the New World Order Neocon/Zionists have destroyed the sovereign nation of Libya and put their minions (Islamic terrorists) in control they would prefer that the world keeps it eyes away from the evil that they are perpetrating in Libya. This evil Cabal of banksters,Zionists, neocons, Illuminati, (what ever name you wish to put on them) are feeding their war machine and terrorist armies out of Libya. They prefer the eyes of the world look at Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, anywhere but Libya. Libya is too rich in insitu minerals and perfectly situated for them to be used in attacks on MENA (Middle East North Africa) and the European continent.

I do believe that good people of the Earth who are fighting the Cabal are waking up about Libya and we all hope very soon that mother Russia will turn her eyes and great army towards Libya.
The Great Libyan tribes are working together daily to cleanse their country and they know if the US/Turkey and Qatar would stop supporting the radicals and if the world would lend a helping hand they could clean their country very quickly. The Libyan army has been fighting radical terrorists for many years long before Bushes so called "war on terror". They are extremely gifted and specially trained to fight the terrorists.

Time for the world to turn its eyes on Libya and understand that the head of the snake resides there, cut it off and the proxy army of the New World Order will be finished.