Breaking: Libyan Tribal Union Declares ICC Charges Illegitimate

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The Libyan Tribal Union has issued a statement of rebuke to the ICC for its phony charges against Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi. The charges have no foundation in truth and were basically taken from unsubstantiated and highly biased media articles. The Libyan tribes point out the great HYPOCRISY of the ICC that turns and continues to turn a blind eye to the crimes against humanity that were committed in Libya by NATO, Obama, Clinton, Bernard Levy (and their terrorist mercenaries) and other western nations in their illegal invasion and attacks in 2011. The crimes against the Libyan people continue to this day by the terrorists militas supported by the Serraj illegitimate - UN installed regime in Tripoli.

NOT ONE charge has been made against the aforementioned criminals, and against the illegal invasion by NATO, illegal bombing of homes, rape of women, assassination of families, destruction of homes, water supplies, power supplies, hospitals, roads, food supplies, medicine supplies etc. etc.

The audacity and shameless lies motivated by politics and money is not acceptable. Dr. Saif was placed under the full amnesty that was issued by the only legitimate government and duly elected government in Libya - the House of Representatives in Tobruk. Once placed under that amnesty, the ICC has no say and no power and all charges become null and void. (see the official amnesty statement attached below)But the ICC being the criminal ineffective organization that they are, continue against the law to try and take away the choice of the Libyan people to vote for a leader of their choice.

I will be posting the official statement from the Libyan Tribal Union in Arabic and the translation directly below:

"Statement by the Libyan tribes regarding the determination of the International Criminal Court to declare Dr. Saif al Islam Muammar Gaddafi using some documents of demand to give him to the ICC.

The Libyan people support and stand with all their tribes, social components and youth and women's organizations. The Libyan Tribes Union is following with great anger the appearance of the attorney-General of the International Criminal Court to extradite brother Saif Al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi. We note the renewal of such calls when they ignored the forces of evil and terrorism and managed to support NATO and colonial/Imperial states and accepted their conspiracy against our homeland and its leadership under the pretext of protecting civilians which was in fact the biggest historical lie guided by the media worldwide.

Today, after more than eight years since the great international war and the continuing threads of conspiracy to our country, we announce the following

The safety and amnesty of the Dr. Saif al Islam Gaddafi is covered by the public law of the Libyan parliament

Dr. Saif al Islam Muammar Gaddafi is a Libyan citizen who has been tried before the Libyan judiciary and according to the criminal procedures established by Libyan law that prevents the surrender of any Libyan citizen

The Libyan Tribes Union is wondering about the role of the International Criminal Court regarding the crimes against the Libyan people that were committed against humanity from killing the detainees and chopping their bodies and not to return the bodies of the leader Muammar Gaddafi and the father of Abu Baker Yunus and Motassim al Gaddafi and others. The kidnapping and forced violence, mass imprisonment, arrest of women and ethnic cleansing against some cities. Ignoring these acts demonstrates the politicization and double standards of the international criminal court

We announce to the international community as a representative to its UN Mission that the Libyan people are able to address and solve their crisis provided that the nations that are involved in our internal affairs remove their hand and leave us alone

We also announce to the international community that the instability in Libya and the occupation and control of terrorist groups has a serious impact on international stability.

Our Hearts in Libya
Approved 9-11-2019 (November 11, 2019)
Libyan tribes union
Spokesperson for the tribes union
ʿBdạlmjyd Osman Ali

The great tribes of Libya are the voice of the Libyan people, not the illegal UN puppet regime in Tripoli headed by Sarraj and supported by terrorists. It is rare that the Libyan people have a voice to be heard. We ask all who read this to republish it as it is the truth from the Libyan people and their great tribal community of which all Libyans are a member.

** see documents below, click on file to view