BREAKING - Libyan Tribes Confirm Terrorist Militias Funded by Serraj of GNA Attacked Migrant Center

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As usual the terrorist militias in Tripoli, armed and funded by the illegitimate UN puppet government (GNA) and led by Fayez Serraj are the ones who attacked the Tajoura Migrant Center on the suburbs of Tripoli.

The tribes of Libya confirmed to me that Turkish Drones were used in the attack and that Turkey is arming, leading and funding the terrorist militias in Libya. This has been confirmed in the past few days by a statement of Erdagon (leader of Turkey) that Turkey will support the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and will never allow the Libyans to have their country back. These are threats that should call upon the UN and the world to condemn Turkey for the destruction and war crimes they are committing in Libya.

By this time, it should be obvious to anyone following the Libya story that these types of crimes against humanity are false flags committed by the terrorists so they can point the finger at the Libyan National Army. The Libyan National Army is fighting to cleanse Libya of terrorist militias and to return Libya to a secure and sovereign state. The LNA gets no benefit from attacking the migrant centers, they are there to fight terrorists. The terrorist militias are known to use civilians as targets to scare the people and to attempt to blame the LNA for civilian attacks. This is the same dirty game played by the terrorists, mercenaries and rat traitors backed by NATO during the destruction of Libya in 2011.
The Libyan people fully understand these nasty games and will not be fooled by them. During the first few weeks after the LNA entered Tripoli to begin to cleanse the terrorist militias, the GNA (led by Serraj) terrorist militias fired rockets into civilian homes in Tripoli saying that it was the LNA (Libyan National Army) that did this criminal act. But they were soon shut down when even Africom stepped up and made a formal statement that the rockets had been fired from the Serraj terrorist militia camps as tracked by radar.

Vladimir Safronkov, Russia's deputy representative to the UN made the following statement regarding this attack and said : "The UN Security Council calls for the cessation of violence and the beginning of the political process in Libya. “But there are very few specifics. We were forced to recall in this situation that what is happening in Libya today is the result of an invasion (NATO military alliance into the Libyan Jamahiriya) of 2011". As Mr. Safronkov stated all of these problems in Libya are a result of the illegal invasion and destruction of Libya in 2011 by NATO and their 250,000 mercenaries. The UN calls for peace talks but everyone in the world understands that it is not possible to have peace talks with armed terrorists. They want to control and kill, there is only one solution that is to either kill them or throw them out of the country. After 8 years of suffering under these terrorists, the Libyans understand that there is only one road to taking their sovereignty back and that is the physical cleansing of the virus of terrorists that invaded their county.

The Libyan National Army is moving ahead but is being slowed by the constant arming of the terrorist militias by Turkey and Qatar. So, beware of any report slamming the LNA or saying they are not moving fast enough. These kind of reports are propaganda, understand that the LNA is moving ahead and they are cleaning the terrorists but they are forced to fight Turkey and Qatar too - both countries should be condemned internationally for their part in the continued destruction of Libya.

The Libyan National Army released a formal statement today regarding the migrant camp attack: Please find the link below:

'Libyan Army Statement on the Attack on the Migrant Detention Center in Tajoura"