BREAKING Libyan Tribes Take Back Sidra Oil Port From ISIS

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The Libyan tribes have confirmed to me personally today that they, with the help of the Libyan army and people, have pushed ISIS back to the city of Bin Jawad out of the Sidra Oil Port and killed about 37 ISIS members including one of the top ISIS leaders from Egypt. The name of the ISIS leader has not yet been released.

This is good news. The people of the world must understand that the Libyan people are fighting to free their country of the radical Islamic plague that was forced upon them by Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. We hope that Russia and any other country seriously fighting the terrorist threat to the world will join with the Great Tribes of Libya and the Libyan people to cleanse their country once and for all of the radical Islamic mercenaries (proxy army of the Cabal) and puppet criminals now residing in their country.

The Libyan people are fighting with little help as the UN continues it's illegal weapons embargo against them and their sovereign nation all the while the Neocon/Zionist Cabal supplies weapons, vehicles and people to the criminal occupiers of their land.