BREAKING - Libyan UN Talks Infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood using Bribery and Corruption

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Breatking today the great tribes of Libya have contacted me with a "TOP URGENT' report on the so called UN "LIBYAN POLITICAL DIALOGUE FORUM", arranged by Stephanie Williams the acting special representative of the Secretary General for Libya.  See her twitter post below the article

The people who are to be part of this vitural dialogue and then in person in Tunisia on Novembet 9, 2020 are made up of mostly Muslim Brotherhood and LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group). I asked how in the world did these people, who do not represent the Libyan people (less than 5% of Libyans support radical Islamists) get appointed to the Libyan Dialogue by the UN?  The answer was:


I was infromed that the UN representative to Libya, Stephanie Williams, works with a woman who is working with the Muslim Brotherhood and LIFG.  She s not Libyan and the tribes said she may be Palestinian or Jordaian, they were not sure but she is involved in getting the brotherhood criminals inside the dialogue by using bribery.  The brotherhood has stolen billions from the Libyan people and they use lies, threats and bribery to try and maintain their positions of power in Libya, passed to them initiallly by Hillary Clinton in 2011 and later by the UN in their illegal appointment of the GNA (Government of National Accord) that is made up of Muslim Brotherhood, LIFG and other radical groups.  

The great tribes of Libya are very angry and they have put a formal statement and request of any legitimate Libyan that has been appointed to the dialogue to resign.  Only 6 of the appointees are legitimate Libyans and already some have resigned in protest and in shame that they would have to discuss the furture of their country with the terrorists that destroyed it and still hold it hostage.

The formal document  from the great tribes of Libya (which represent ALL the Libyan people) 

"The Statement of the Libyan Tribes Union"    10/26/2020

The statement of the Libyan Tribal Union regarding the list prepared by the UN International Support Committee in Libya to participate in the dialogue in Tunisia by attending the dialogue sessions on the 7 crisis

We note that there is an insistence on monopolizing the dialogue with certain controversial and specific personalities belonging to one group Muslim Brotherhood, this group is the main reason current the 7 crisis and conflict continuing in Libya, and this confirms complicity. by the UN to this group

The Libyan tribes union strongly condemns the UN mission’s actions in support of Libya, accusing it of destabilizing the stability in Libya with its support and attention to the leaders of the current terrorist groups and the current  international criminal gangs and organizations, their continued control over the Libyan state is now banned.

This UN mission is enabling them in this dialogue.

The Libyan Tribal Union is demanding every free and honorable person named on the list to announce his withdrawal from the dialogue.

The Union of Libyan Tribes, even while we declare our rejection of the embarrassments of this political dialogue, we respect the efforts of His Excellency the Tunisian President (Qais Sayed) on his positions in support of the demands of the Libyan people and his demand for the participation of all the Libyan tribes and components of the Libyan people in the dialogue and the report

The fate of Libya without the marginalization or exclusion of surrounding countires by the positions of the all their leaders is the inclustion of all the Libyan people without prejudice towards any group:

The Libyan Tribes Union calls on the international community to comply with the desires and aspirations of the Libyan people and also demand not to provide support for the terrorists and radicals that destroyed the Libyan infrastructure in our country and continues the destruction of the homeland causing displaced the people who are being drowned and destroyed in a blood bath.

 Libyan Tribal Union President

As a final point, it is important to understand that the discussions that were done in Geneva and Berlin are military in nature and the cease fire is meant as a military agreement.  This is not a discussion of the Libyan political scene and who will run the country and about a country wide election with a new government.  The only help this ceasefire gives the Libyan people is the opening of some  important roads and perhaps the deliver of much need food goods and medical supplies.

This is a breaking story that will not get picked up by any mainstream media as they are all complicit in the continuing control, theft and destruction of the sovereign nation of Libya by the Muslim Brotherhood, the LIFG and other radical terrorists and mercenaries.  It was Hillary Clintons desire to turn Libyan into a staging ground for ISIS and other criminal mercenaries.  This has all come out in her emails, she is a war crimnal as is Barak Obama (Muslim Brotherhood member) in their plan to own Libya,  control or remove  all legitimate Libyans from their homeland and use the wealth and location of Libya to continue their crimes against humanity in other countries of the world.

Prominent Muslim Brotherhood members of Dialogue