BREAKING NEWS Libyan Puppet PM Ali Zeidan Thrown Out - Eastern Tribes Oil Sales Successful

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Tripoli, Libya today

The failed, illegitimate, puppet prime minister of Libya has been removed from his position today by the GNC (General National Congress). The GNC has voted to put the Defence Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni in charge temporarily.
This removal was a long time coming but in reality the GNC is a completely impotent organization. This is an illegally installed government by the US, it is filled with radical Islamists belonging to The Muslim Brotherhood,, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia and others. There is no leadership in this group of power hungry terrorist and criminals.

Question to all proud patriotic Americans: Being that there is ZERO support for the puppet government and the radical Islamist groups in Libya. Why is it that the US continues to support with weapons and money these terrorist groups in Libya? These are the same groups that attacked and killed the US Ambassador Chris Stevens. All Libyans know this truth, they ask, "what is wrong with the US? Why do they support the people who killed your people? I have no answer for them. The latest shock was when the US Ambassador to Libya traveled to Misurata to talk about opening a consulate in Misurata. The Libyans were shocked, Misurata is the largest den of evil in Libya with over 30,000 illegally held prisoners, some 20,000 already tortured to death and the head of Al Qaeda and their training centers. The Libyan people do not even recognize Misurata as part of Libya anymore. What is wrong with this picture???

The puppet GNC is now talking about making Abdulhakem Belhaj the President of Libya - appointed by THEM. Belhaj is a known Al Qaeda leader and terrorist. He was in Guantanamo and is well known for his terrorist activities in other parts of the world. Belhaj was put in charge of the Al Qaeda mercenaries who were brought into Libya by the US, France and British intelligence agencies during the invasion against Libya in 2011. As a side note: John McCain shows up in many photos with Belhaj with his arm around him saying: "these guys are my heroes" (again US openly supporting Al Qaeda). The people of Libya do not acknowledge any legitimacy of the US puppet called the GNC ; so it could be said that Belhaj would be president of "nothing".

Bringing all of this to a head is the sale of Oil from the E Sidra port in the East of Libya. The Libyan people in the East have taken back their country and their oil production from the RATS (post rebel terrorists and traitors), criminal militias and radical Islamists groups. They refuse to allow the West (Tripoli) to sell any more oil as all the proceeds are given to Al Qaeda and other radical militia groups to keep the people terrorized so that they can hold on to their power.

The oil was loaded successfully and the Morning Glory has left the port without incident and is on the high seas. There are more ships standing in line to load oil from the East and they will be loaded. All the fluff in the media about Zeidan stopping the sale of Libyan oil by the Libyans was just fluff, nothing happened with the exception of a weak attempt by some Misurata militias to stop the tanker with 2 small tug boats. The boats were taken and the people arrested.

This morning the Misurata militias attempted an attack on the East by coming through the city of Sirte. The Eastern tribes are well armed and ready to stand and fight. The Misurata militias are made up of psychopathic killers, terrorists and thieves. They are used to having the support of the US, they are not used to fighting a battle against real warriors and people fighting for their land and their lives.

It is all slipping away from these puppet criminals, they have lost all of the South and East of Libya now. The only piece they maintain (by force) is the West and that soon will be gone too, thanks to the great Libyan patriots that fight to free their country from the scourge left behind by NATO , Obama and Clinton.

Today in and around Tripoli there is declared war between many of the militias. The Misurata militias fight the Zentan tribe and other tribes and militias all trying to hold on to their position. The road to the airport in Tripoli has been closed and other areas cordoned off waiting for these gangs to star their fighting. For 3 years now, this is the anarchy and mess the people of Libya have had to live with, before the US war against Libya there was no fighting in the entire country. All radical Islamists (all 3% of them) were forbidden in Libya, the Libyan borders were secure, people were free and happy, oil flowed and the revenues were shared with the people via homes, education, medicine , etc.. The crimes against Libya committed by NATO, UN, US, France, UK and Qatar will be brought to the eyes of the world soon and there will be retribution.

Photo below of Belhaj, Al Qaeda leader in Tripoli, Libya


Belhaj Al Qaeda leader Tripoli