BREAKING NEWS - War Rages in Benghazi - Libyan Army Against All Islamic Extremists

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The Libyan army and the Libyan people with the tribes stand together to cleanse their country of terrorists, Islamic Extremists and Rat Armed Militias.

Yesterday in Benghazi, General Haftar began his campaign to cleanse Libya of terrorist criminal groups now occupying Libya. In Benghazi, Apache helicopters loomed in the skies and fighter jets straifed the air bombing Ansar Al Sharia camps and different headquarters. General Haftar has stated that he brings with him 6000 reserve Libyan army soldiers and he has started the cleaning of Libya of the terrorist and mercenaries left behind by NATO. It has been speculated that Haftar has the support of the US (which we may see in the coming days) because he is a known CIA asset and was a traitor to his country for many years. The Libyan people do not trust him but as he is now taking some steps to clean the terrorists from Libya they are not standing in his way but supporting him.

The Libyan people were ordered to leave many parts of the city because there was no guarantee that bombs would not hit civilian areas. The battle raged as many Libyans left the city and climbed to high areas where they could watch the cleansing of their city. There are casualties, some civilians but many leaders of terrorist organizations occupying Benghazi and surrounding areas.

This is just the beginning of the cleaning of Libya. The thousands of Al Qaeda mercenaries brought into Libya, armed and trained by NATO are still residing in and destroying the Libyan country. The Libyan people, the Libyan tribes, the 2 million Libyans in exile, the 1 million homeless inside and the 2 million barely surviving in their homes are all standing together to achieve victory over the occupiers.

Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and other surrounding countries are all behind the cleansing of Libya, they have stepped up to help guard their borders and to keep the terrorists inside with no chance to escape their destiny of death. All the countries surrounding Libya have suffered with the terrorists running wild inside Libya, being armed and funded by Qatar and Turkey. These countries stand with the Libyan people as they gather to clean the filth from their great country and North Africa.

God Bless the Great Tribes of Libya, the Libyan Army and the Libyan people they are doing a job that Barack Obama should be doing as it was his actions that brought this mess to Libya. The Libyans have an ancient, strong culture that can not be broken by the likes of the Zionist Imperialist West.

We wish them God speed.