Breaking Tripoli - Terrorist Regime of Fayez al Sarraj (GNA) Threatens UN Envoy for Telling the Truth

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July 31, 2019

Let me see, the UN appointed puppet government of national accord (GNA) is throwing out the UN Envoy to Libya! You cannot make this stuff up....

The GNA terrorist regime of Sarraj has gone crazy, proving to the world the truth behind the words of the UN Envoy to Libya, Mr. Gassam Salame'.

Mr. Salame', a Lebanese national and appointed representative to Libya for the UN, told the UN Security Council yesterday that militias allied with GNA (Sarraj) had committed war crimes after they raided the city of Gharyan in late June this year. He also pointed out that there are extremists fighting alongside the GNA and accused its allied militias of using Mitiga airport, Tripoli’s only functioning airport, for military purposes. These statements have also been confirmed as true many times in other places in Libya by the Libyan National Army that is fighting terrorists and terrorism in Libya.

Sarraj and his terrorist militias are furious that they have been outed by Mr. Salame' and basically called him on the carpet today in Tripoli. The GNA terrorist militias (now calling themselves the "support force") who are paid by the Sarraj illegitimate regime in Tripoli (with stolen Libyan money) are very angry about the true statements of their crimes and have warned Mr. Salame' to leave Tripoli immediately or else; thus proving who they really are and proving that there can be no negotiating with these militias who have no standing in Libya.

The LNA issued this formal statement in regards to the threats against the UN Envoy to Libya, Mr. Ghassan Salame' made by Sarraj and his terrorist militias. " General Brigadier Ahmed al-Mesmari, said pro-Muslim Brotherhood militias are showing their true faces after they objected to statements made by Ghassan Salamé during his briefing to the UN Security Council last Monday." General al-Mesmari went on to say "“ how can Sarraj protest Salamé’s briefing when Salah Badi and Osama Al-Juwaili, both internationally wanted terrorists, are fighting for him?”

Sarraj is panicking because he is losing his criminal stronghold on Tripoli. As I have stated so many times in the past, Sarraj and the GNA are illegitimate, they are not elected to any position in Libya. They took their position in Tripoli with the help of outside countries but were never accepted by the Libyan people. The were brought into Libya by the dark of night by boat and once set foot in Tripoli were immediately recognized as some kind of government in Libya. They are no government, they are a bunch of radical Islamic terrorists - mostly Muslim Brotherhood. They have done nothing for the Libyan people, they steal the wealth of Libya daily and feed it to their terrorist militias, they make themselves billionaires. In Libya hospitals are still broken from 2011, water resources are continually damaged to control the people, electricity is turned off on a regular basis because the Sarraj terrorists want it that way. The Serraj regime helps no Libyan person, the price of food has sky rocketed and not available many times. The cost of medical services are so high that few can afford it and yet before NATO all services were excellent and free. The Sarraj terrorist regime is passing out Libyan assets of gold, oil and gas to any country that wants it. They do this with no authority but for sure they are receiving their cut of the stolen Libyan assets.

Now Sarraj and his Muslim Brotherhood terrorists see themselves losing their golden calf and are becoming desperate. Today, the Libyan tribes informed me that Sarraj has offered all the gas production in Libya to Italy - if Italy will come in and destroy the Libyan peoples army. These are acts of terrorism, they are criminal theft of the sovereign assets of Libya. Sarraj is a terrorist, he is a criminal holding his power by the gunpoint of his terrorist militias. He and his terrorists are committing crimes against humanity openly in where is NATO???

I am also told by the Libyan tribes that the GNA (Sarraj terrorists) plan is to attack the Bani Walid airport in other act of desperation. Bani Walid is south east of Tripoli in a mountain valley, it is a peaceful city. It is home of the largest Libyan tribe, the great Werfalla tribe. Bani Walid has a functioning airport that is being used to bring in much needed aid for the Libyan people. These are the plans of a mad terrorist regime, controlling by force with no respect for any person or place.

A most important point about the GNA, Sarraj terrorist regime is that they have no friends inside Libya. They are hated by 99% of all Libyans who recognize the evil that they are and have suffered under their tyranny for 8 years now. In order for the Sarraj regime to maintain power they must have outside help. Without Turkey and Qatar and Italy the regime would have been finished more that 4 months ago and possibly before that. The fact that Turkey sends weapons, drones and military illegally to Libya to support terrorism is a disgrace. The world and UN stand by and do nothing while Libya and her people continue to be destroyed.

It took one false flag, 2 snipers in Benghazi, terrorist mercenaries and traitors in the streets, in 2011, to cause the entire world to be outraged enough to allow NATO and the western Khazarian controlled imperialist nations to destroy the entire country of Libya and kill over one million people. All in the name of protecting civilians,