BREAKING Turkey Smuggles Weapons to Terrorists in Libya via Tunisia Using Netherland Ship and Red Cross Containers

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Turkey continues to smuggle weapons and money to terrorist mercenaries in Libya via Tunisia. This is a continuing problem, causing death and destruction in Libya. Turkey loads the ship in Turkey and sometimes they fly weapons out of Ankara. These ships are camouflaged as ships from other countries. They have previously used Iran and are currently using one marked from the Netherlands. On the ship, they have disguised the weapons in containers marked "Red Cross". They use the Tunisian port of Zarzis, near the Libyan border.

This is an exact repeat of the dirty game that was played by NATO in 2011.

Second breaking story: THERE WAS NO WATER SHUT OFF TO TRIPOLI (see UN report below). This comes directly from the people on the ground in Libya. The story is propaganda being put out by the terrorist militias. They are losing their criminal hold on Libya and are playing dirty games as usual. Expect more of their lies in the days to come as they get more and more desperate.

The UN and the world community have demanded that all outside interference into Libya be stopped. Obviously, Qatar and Turkey never got the memo! In reality, they do not care about killing and destroying innocent lives.

Pay no attention to the lies being reported about civil wars in Libya. All Libyan tribes are backing the Libyan National Army, they are not fighting each other, they are fighting terrorism. The terrorist militias are crying about civilians being hurt, this after 8 years of the them HURTING civilians. The only protection the innocents can hope for is from the Libyan National Army. This is a fight for the sovereignty of their country, a fight to cleanse their country of the terrorist virus left behind by NATO and the New World Order Khazarian mafia Zionists.