BREAKING: US "King" Obama Threatens New President of Egypt

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The man who thinks he is king, Obama, has sent a private envoy to Egypt to threaten the newly elected President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Reporting from inside Egypt, those close to President el Sisi leaked the news that Obama had sent a private messenger to meet with President el Sisi and demand that Egypt support the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and support the illegitimate government in Libya now controlled by radical Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood. This demand came with a threat to do it or else!

The demand was quickly rejected by the new President of Egypt. President el-Sisi was elected on a platform of cleansing Egypt and North Africa of radical Islamists and that included the Muslim Brotherhood a group now defined formally as a terrorist organization in Egypt.

The newly elected President of Egypt is to be congratulated; he is a man who will change the face of Egypt and North Africa. He was asked by the people of Egypt to clean their country of psychopathic terrorists, ie Morsi and his Islamic extremist’s gangs (Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, Al Qaeda, etc.). He has also stated that he will be standing by to assist the Great Tribes of Libya as they work to cleanse their country of the same psychopathic rubbish now occupying their sovereign nation. He has stated openly that the situation in Libya is a national security issue for Egypt as they work to rid their country of terrorists.

The new government of Egypt has, since the removal of the terrorist "Morsi", found over 600 terrorists guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced another 600 + to death for murder. They have also imprisoned over 16,000 known terrorists. Amongst the outstanding work being done by the Egyptians is the charge of crimes against humanity placed on journalists who lied and because of their lies many people died. Two top Egyptian attorneys have filed charges against Obama in International Court for Crimes Against Humanity and Terrorism for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

This new threat to Egypt is further proof of Obama's continued support of the radical Islamists now in Libya. The Libyan tribes have confirmed that Obama is actively supporting al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and other extremists in Libya. Through their sources they know that mercenaries are flowing into Libya from the Sudan. Weapons and military hardware support is flown into Mitiga Airbase on a near nightly basis from Obama to Belhaj, leader of Al Qaeda in Tripoli. General Haftar in his attempts to clean Libya, confirms that he has arrested many mercenaries from Afghanistan, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, etc.; all being paid and supported by the Obama administration. The countries of Qatar and Turkey are also openly supporting the radical Islamists in Libya, just another arrow in Obama's quiver as he openly supports the actions of Turkey and Qatar.

As a personal note: I have spoken to many friends in the Middle East, and amongst them some ranking Kuwaitis. They confirmed to me that everyone in their region is very happy about the election of President el Sisi in Egypt. They said that what the people need now is stability and security from radical Islamists. They said now with Syria, Iraq, Libya, so many places are a mess with these radical Islamists. I asked if they knew who was supporting these terrorists and they said, yes we know it is Obama. So there you have it, only the people of the US live under the illusion that Obama is not a radical Islamist and is supporting all radical Islamists disguised as "rebels".

Time to wake up America