BREAKING - US Troops Fighting on the Ground in Libya

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US has put troops on the ground in Libya. The authority to put troops on the ground in Libya is non existent. The excuse being spewed out by the Pentagon and the lame stream media is that the UN "Unity" Government has invited them into Libya. First let me explain that Libya would NEVER EVER invite the US to bring troops into Libya and would NEVER ask the US to bomb in Libya. The Libyan people have had their country occupied by illegal mercenaries, terrorists, proxy armies and other criminals left behind by NATO (after they destroyed Libya). They are sick and tired of their sovereign nation being used and abused by the Khazarian Zionist criminals. Also, understand that Libya for all of its 8000 years was occupied by foreign countries until the bloodless coup in 1969 when Ghadafi took charge, threw out the Italians and took Libya for the Libyans. First time in their entire history, the Libyans were allowed to own their own land. Reflecting upon their history, one can understand the great aversion Libyans have for any foreign country to come into their sovereign nation with their military or their proxy armies disguised as radical Islamists.

In the light of the above information, it is painfully obvious that the real Libyans are not represented by the UN puppet government.

Next, the Pentagon spokesperson stated that the US troops are there to just to advise? Take a look at the photos the tribes sent to me tonight - advisors? I don't think so. Just another lie from the military industrial complex.

It should also be noted that no one knows who the US troops are fighting. There is no media in Libya so there is no credibility to any report. The UN puppet "Unity Government" is supposedly directing the movements of the US troops. The Unity Government sits itself in Tripoli and cannot go outside Tripoli because they would not last long as they are so hated in Libya. How are they directing the US troops? The problem with all of this scenario is that it supports the illegals in Libya and the continued control of Libya by the Zionists. Certainly the US troops are not there to support the Libyan people and the Libyan tribes. They are there for one reason, to make sure Saif Ghadafi and the Libyan people cannot take back their country from the Zionist control. Now that Saif is free, the Libyan tribes and people have a great hope to rid their country of all the garbage left behind by NATO.

It is abundantly clear to all that this is the nasty game that the Zionists have been playing with Libya since they perpetrated the false flag that they used to destroy the entire country. They install their puppet government by the dark of night into Tripoli (because no one wanted them) and then they use their illegal government to invite the US (themselves) to bomb Libya anywhere and anytime without any discussion with the Libyan tribes or the Libyan people.