British Apologize to Known Terrorist, Libyan People Respond

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The United Kingdom has lost any modicum of respect they had left having formally apologized to a known terrorist, Abdulhakem Belhaj.

Belhaj is a Libyan and the most hated man in Libya.

Belhaj started the terrorist organization known as Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). The LIFG is the group responsible for the most recent bombings in London. Even though Belhaj attempted to say that LIFG is now defunct, that is a lie, it is extremely active and working in Libya and other countries such as Turkey and Qatar.

Belhaj started his career in terrorism in Libya and had to leave the country because radical Islam was forbidden in Libya under Ghadafi. He then traveled to Afghanistan where he joined the war against the US. He had a number of attempts to assasinate Ghadafi and his group LIFG was listed on the official terrorist list by the UN. Later he was tracked and captured by the CIA with help from MI5. He was extradited back to Libya and imprisoned there for about 7 years until through the intervention of Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi and his program to rehabilitate terrorists, he was released, all the time praising Dr. Saif and his program. But, he was a liar and no surprise, he joined Hillary Clinton and John McCain in their invasion and destruction of Libya. To this date he has imprisoned, killed, tortured and destroyed more Libyans than any in known Libyan history. He has also stolen more than 1 billion dollars from the Libyan people. Do not, I repeat , do not believe any positive media reports about Belhaj.

So, is he the most hated man in Libya? YES. Are the Libyans irate about the UK apologizing to this terrorist? Absolutely. He was instrumental in the destruction of their country and their people.

The Great Tribes of Libya (representing all the Libyan people) are very angry. They have issued a statement that I will post below. The Libyan people consider this the greatest possible insult to them and their country. The Libyan people via their tribes demand and expect an apology from the UK for their joining forces with Belhaj and his terrorist organization to destroy their country using lies, war crimes and crimes against humanity. They demand and expect an apology for the terrorism and destruction that continues in their country with the full support of the UK. The Great Tribes reaffirm that they will not join into any dialogue with any country who supports what they call Takfiri (fake Muslims i.e. terrorists) and any country that joined hands with these criminals to attempt a genocide upon the legitimate Libyan people.

Posting the official statement below: Arabic and Google translation to English (I apologize for the bad translation but the understanding comes through)

Please note that this is from the leaders of the Great Tribes and the General Conference of supporters of the mass (new whole country) regime and the Libyan national forces - this is all the Libyan people.

بيان عاجل
المؤتمر العام لأنصار النظام الجماهيري والقوى الوطنيه الليبيه حول اعتذار رئيسة الحكومه البريطانيه للارهابي بالحاج أمير الجماعه الليبيه المقاتله فرع القاعده في ليبيا

#يدين المؤتمر العام لأنصار النظام الجماهيري والقوى الوطنيه الليبيه ما أقدمت عليه رئيسة حكومة بريطانيا بتقديمها الاعتذار #للإرهابي بالحاج أمير الجماعه الليبيه المقاتله عن تسليمه للسلطات الليبيه وتعويضه بنصف مليون جنيه استرليني .

إن حكومة بريطانيا بهذا السلوك تتعمد الاستخفاف بالشعب الليبي وأهانته .

بريطانيا المتورطه في مؤامرة 2011 التي أسقطت الدوله الليبيه ومؤسساتها ومكنت الجماعات الإرهابيه وعلى راسها جماعة الإخوان وابنتها الجماعه المقاتله بريطانيا الحاضنه للجماعات الارهابيه والمتأمره على الامه العربيه .

#نتوجه إلى مجلس النواب في طبرق لتحمل مسؤولياته اتجاه هذا العبث وذلك بقطع العلاقات مع بريطانيا حتى تعتذر للشعب الليبي وتعوضه جراء مشاركتها في إسقاط الدوله ومؤسساتها ودعمها الإرهاب في ليبيا

#نحمل بريطانيا المسؤليه القانونيه والأخلاقيه عن كل جرائم الجماعات الإرهابيه في بنغازي ودرنه واجدابيا وسرت وطرابلس وصبراته وبراك والجفره وبن وليد وزليتن
ونتوجه لشعبنا الليبي وقواه الوطنيه بالوقوف صفا واحدا والتصدي للمؤامره وتطهير ليبيا من الدنس والأجناس

#وختاما نؤكد مجددا أن مؤتمر أنصار النظام الجماهيري لن يدخلوا في اي حوار أو لقاء مع اي من هذه الجماعات
#ولم نكلف #أحدا بحضور اي اجتماع يحضره هؤلاء القتله التكفيريين وإذا وجهت الدعوه لأشخاص بأسمائهم عليهم تحمل مسؤلياتهم كاشخاص طبيعيين
لاحوار مع الارهابيين والتكفيريين
المجد للشهداء والعزه لامة العرب

المؤتمر العام لأنصار النظام الجماهيري
والقوى الوطنيه الليبيه
القاهره 10/5/2018الإرهابيه العمليه للغرببريطانيا المتورطه في مؤامرة 2011 التي أسقطت الدوله الليبيه

Urgent statement
General Conference of supporters of the mass regime and the Libyan national forces on the apology of the British Prime Minister to the terrorist Hajaj Amir of the Libyan militant group Al-Qaeda branch in Libya

# The General Conference of the supporters of the mass regime and the national forces condemns the actions of the British Prime Minister by apologizing # to the terrorist Hajaj, the Amir of his Libyan fighting group, for handing over to the Libyan authorities and compensating him by half a million pounds.

The British government is deliberately insulting and insulting the Libyan people.

Britain is involved in the 2011 plot that overthrew the Libyan state and its institutions and enabled terrorist groups, headed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its daughter, the British militant group, the incubator of terrorist groups and conspiring against the Arab nation.

# We turn to the House of Representatives in Tobruk to assume its responsibilities towards this absurdity by severing relations with Britain until it apologizes to the Libyan people and compensates for its participation in overthrowing the state and its institutions and supporting terrorism in Libya. # Britain holds legal and moral responsibility for all crimes of terrorist groups in Benghazi, Darren, Ajdabia, Sirte, Tripoli, Sabrata, Brak, Jafra, Ben Waleed and Zliten
We appeal to our Libyan people and their national forces to stand united and to confront conspiracy and to cleanse Libya of all races and races

In conclusion, we reiterate that the conference of supporters of the mass regime will not enter into any dialogue or meeting with any of these groups
We did not assign anyone to attend any meeting attended by these Takfiris. If they call people by their names, they must take their responsibilities as natural persons.
For dialogue with terrorists and Takfirin
Glory to the martyrs and the pride of the Arab nation

General Conference of supporters of the mass system
And the national forces of Libya
Cairo 10/5/2018 Terrorist operation of the West Britain involved in the 2011 plot that overthrew the Libyan state