CIA Puppet Khalifa Haftar Seizes Libyan Tribal Leaders Attempting to Stop Tribal Conference

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Khalifa Haftar, Libyan TRAITOR, TERRORIST, THIEF, LIAR, WAR CRIMINAL and CIA PUPPET, continues his crimes against the Libyan people with impunity. He has kidnapped (taken illegally) two important tribal leaders from Benghazi. Mr. Mukhtar Al Kaseh, Counsel (lawyer) to the Tribes of Libya and Mr.Hassan Mabrouk Zentani (tribal leader of the Zentan tribe supporting the Green flag of the Jamahiriya). Both of these men were taken by Haftar's militias in Benghazi, they have not been seen now for some days.

Khalifa Hafter meanwhile, meets with the UN representative and shows his phony smile. He claims to know nothing of these two men which is of course a LIE. Haftar has allowed his militias to destroy homes, kill innocent people and basically cause havoc in the south of Libya and other places. He threatens anyone who speaks about him and has the NSA equipment to listen to all phone calls in Libya. He is a CRIMINAL of the highest order. He is allowed to continue his barbaric activities because he is supported by the corrupt CIA.

The Great Tribes of Libya, representing all the people in Libya have organized a conference of all the tribes to come together and discuss how to move Libya forward to peace and security. The tribes hold the ONLY solution to the Libyan crisis because they are the Libyan people. Unlike the self appointed UN puppet government in Tripoli who is working with and controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and the LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) terrorist organization.

The Libyan Tribal Conference will be held in Sirte, a city attacked mercilessly by NATO in 2011 and the home of the Ghadafi Tribe. This tribal conference is a threat to those that would continue their criminal hold on Libya. The people of Libya represented by the great tribes, support a country wide election to bring the people of Libya together. The tribes work to bring peace, security and sovereignty back to their country. They work to rid Libya of the illegal occupiers with their criminal agenda. The program of the Libyan tribes is not to the liking of Khalifa Haftar, CIA puppet, paid assassin and Libyan traitor (he would be one of the first to go). It is not to the liking of the UN puppet government in Tripoli and their leader Serraj. The agenda of Haftar and Serraj is to get their people into the conference supported by the UN and demand the release of Libyan money (taken and held since 2011) into their criminal hands. This agenda is well known by the Libyan tribes.

And for those who do not know this fact: The Libyan people do not and never have supported radical Islamic terrorism, it was forced upon them by NATO (and all the western Imperialist countries) in the illegal 2011 invasion and destruction of Libya. Since that time, these criminal organizations have kept their illegal hold on Libya by force and crimes against humanity. They have imprisoned thousands of innocent Libyan men, women and children, tortured thousands to death, stolen Libyan insitu assets, looted homes, cars, bank accounts all at gun point. What keeps these criminals in power is the support they receive in money, weapons and mercenaries from the countries that would own Libya illegally. The countries committing these criminal acts include but are not limited to: the USA (CIA), UK, France, Turkey, Italy, Israel (Mossad), Qatar,and Saudi Arabia (Wahabists). The UN, though not a country can be placed at the top of the list of invaders and controllers.