The Collapse of the Sharia Council in Benghazi

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Today the Sharia Council in Benghazi posted a statement. They are folding, they have no support and they are nearly gone.

This is GREAT news for the Libyan people who are not radical Islamists and do not want the radical Islamists Sharia imposed upon them,

This is all thank you very much to the Libyan Army and the Great Tribes of Libya who have joined together to bring down the disease of radical Islam that has invaded their country and taken away their lives and homes.

This has nothing to do with Khalifa Haftar.

Haftar is in a camp outside of Benghazi with a couple hundred followers and they are doing nothing. He has approached the tribes and the army but has been turned away. Haftar spent 30 years with the CIA and was part of an attempted coup against Ghadafi in the 70's. He was dropped into Libya in early 2011 by the CIA to lead the so called rebel army made up mainly of al Qaeda (radical Islamists) mercenaries. The Libyans do not even consider Hafter a Libyan, he lived outside of Libya for so long. As far as the Libyans are concerned and this includes the tribes and the army, he is a traitor to his country and not welcome. They are right. If you see any news reporting that Haftar has anything to do with the successful cleansing of Libya of radicals currently, then that news is being fabricated by the CIA who ardently want to place Haftar (their puppet) in a position of power when the country is finally cleared and a new government is established.

Congratulations to the great Libyan fighters, fighting for their home and their honor. God Bless them all. They are winning the battle for all the world - by themselves - against terrorism.