2 Atrocities

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Beginning NATO atrocities, this young man (We interviewed his family they would not speak with the western media) was a Libyan soldier captured by NATO’s Al Qaeda mercenaries, the video is very graphic, they used Al Jazeera and Al Arabia news papers to promote the lies that this was Ghadafi doing this to the rebels. They captured a group of Libyan soldiers, lied to them told them they were helping them, had them change their clothes so people would not know that they were Libyan soldiers. They tore up their passports – had a kangaroo court and sentenced them all to death. The dark skinned soldiers were cut and the lighter skinned were shot in the back of the head. Al Jazeera and Al Arabia were filming this the entire time and they knew the truth yet they put out the opposite. One young man survived 2 bullets to his head. We interviewed him personally so we know the truth. We will post that interview later.


NATO bombed a family in Sorman (we were there the same morning it was still smoking from the laser guided bombs) below is my story and I have attached photos of the home and pictures from the morgue, taken by us. I have attached a couple photos of the bomb fragments with the serial number on one.

THIS was a huge war crime, and they bombed the apartment building next to the Mosque down the street from this home. The men that called in the laser targeted bombs were in a cell tower opposite the Mosque and apartment building. There were some witnesses who saw these men in the towers so they called in a bomb for the apartment. The rebels known at “rats” by the Libyans gave names and addresses of people they just did not like to NATO and NATO bombed them. Believe me NATO could have given Hitler lessons.