Death Toll Reaches 50 in Tuesday's Benghazi Car Bombing

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On Tuesday, the 22nd of January, 2018, two car bombs were set off in Benghazi. As of tonight there are 50 dead and 100 wounded.

The first bomb went off in the Salmani neighborhood near the Bait Radwan mosque and the second bomb shortly thereafter near to same area of the first. This is an area frequented by fighters of the 210 Brigade, the men of this Brigade are known to the Libyans as rats (rats are those people who turned against their country in 2011, helped to destroy it and continue to destabilize it). They are also Salafists - a radical group that is tied strongly to Saudi Wahhabism. For those who do not know, Wahhabists and Salafists are the Muslims that are bound to bring radical Islam to the world by force. All people and countries under Sharia law. These Salafist groups are not supported by the Libyan people and do not make up any kind of majority in Libya. They are however supported by Saudi Arabia via it's Wahhabist radical factions, keeping the radical Salafists in arms and money.

The bomb on Tuesday killed one of the main Salafist leaders, a man named Ahmed al-Fituri, a member of the Salafist al-Tawhid Brigade, he was, as referred to by the tribes, a piece rubbish. The al Tawhid Brigade has been fighting alongside Khalifa Haftar and his would be Libyan National Army. Ahmed al-Fituri was a ranking member of Haftar's militias. He was also a member of the Benghazi Defense Brigade (BDB) that is supposedly against Haftar but seems to have been fighting along side him. (As I have stated many times, Khalia Haftar is not what he appears, he is CIA, he himself is a terrorist all the while claiming to be anti terrorist; he dreams to be dictator of Libya). The BDB is a terrorist organization that slaughtered over 140 Libyan men, women and children (after they had surrendered) May 18, 2017. This has come to be known as the Massacre at Brak al-Shatti.

What is not being said is that the people who were killed in the bombing in Benghazi were rats (Libyans fighting against 95% of the Libyan population who are not radical and pray for peace). The Libyan people as patriots and civilians were not the target. There is a battle of rats fighting rats currently inside Libya.

The Libyan people are sick and tired of this fighting, they are sick and tired of radical Islamists trying to control their country via their support from Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. They are sick and tired of the arms and mercenaries flowing into their country (more now from Syria and Iraq). They are angry about the theft of Libyan assets, currency, fuel, food, etc. Now more than ever they want a new government with a new brother leader that will support all the people. The Libyan tribes have confirmed to me tonight that more than 95% of the Libyan people want to turn back the clock to their golden days of the great Jamahiriya. They work now to register voters for a great country wide election where the people of the Libya will choose their leader. Not the UN, not the outside criminal forces, but the Libyan people. They want the criminal militias gone, they want the puppet governments gone. They want their freedom to travel, to work, to have good health care and to feel secure in their lives again. They want their sovereignty back.