Dr. Saif Al Islam Ghadafi Wins 91% Support For President in December 2018 Referendum

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Last week in Egypt, a referendum was held among Libyans who are future voters living in exile in Egypt because of the destruction and occupation (by force) of their country by NATO, France, US, UK and their terrorist mercenaries.

The referendum results show the Libyan support for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s candidacy for the Libyan presidency in the upcoming elections in Libya in the spring of 2019. Only Libyans were allowed to vote in this referendum and even though held in Egypt, the results are a microcosm of the Libyan country. The results of this referendum are the reason the Khazarian Mafia New World Order is panicking and making every attempts to discredit, assassinate, arrest or otherwise stop Dr Saif from running for President.

There was one question in the referendum: “Do you support Saif al-Islam Ghadafi as the head of state capable of completing the reconstruction of Libya?”

The results of the referendum are as follows: (you will find an official certified document of results attached to the bottom of this article)

Of the 71,065 Libyans who voted:
91.64% (65,125) voted YES
8.36% (5,940) voted NO

The referendum was held by Media Plus on the website http://www.manlibya.com/ for 10 days from December 4, 2018 until midnight December 14, 2018

The African Union supports Dr. Saif for President, the Libyan people,represented by the great tribes of Libya support Dr. Saif for President of Libya (by a huge majority). The criminals now illegally occupying Libya will not go quietly into the night, so you will see much negativity, trumped up lies and charges of war crimes against Dr. Saif in the lame stream media. The Libyan people have spoken, Africa has spoken, it time to bring Libya back to the Libyans.