Egyptian Minister Confirms Terrorist Training Camps in Libya

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Major General Mohsen Hifzi, Vice Minister of Interior of Egypt confirmed earlier today, the existence of a training camp for terrorists under the name of " free Islamic Army" , in the city of Derna in Libya.

He also revealed that a number of terrorists trained in Egypt in the Rafah camp would travel to Turkey for 48 hours and then travel back to Libya.

Minister Hifzi spoke during his meeting with reporter Mohammed Abdel-Rahman of the program "Egypt Arabs", broadcast on the channel, "CBC Xtra,". He said that the security authorities in Egypt, whether national security or intelligence were aware of these plans, stressing that Qatar and Turkey are the funding for the so-called " free Islamic army. "

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Editorial: We as spokesperson for the tribes of Libya were told this information in early 2013. We passed this vital information to the US intelligence agencies regarding these Brotherhood/Al Qaeda training camps in Libya. We gave them latitude and longitude, weapons storage sites and daily movement. We passed this information to the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) to an agent in our home, to the FBI directly to an agent in our home, to the CIA directly to an agent in our home. The end result was that absolutely nothing was done, the agents told us that the information was blocked at the very top. The most shocking event that happened was - 4 days after we passed this information an order was given (by Al Qaeda leaders) to relocate this Al Qaeda camp, pack their weapons and move immediately. After that, we were given hourly movements, what weapons they had, vehicle numbers, colors and types. They moved across the desert into Algeria. Again nothing was done. They obviously had other camps in Libya but just like nasty fire ants, you destroy one infestation and another one pops up in a nearby vicinity. The result of passing this information was that the CIA threatened to kill us if we did not forget Libya. This is one of the main reasons that we have gone public.