Egyptian Terrorist, Hisham Al-Ashmawy, Credits Libyan Terrorist Abdulhakim Belhaj for his Financial Support

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The most wanted terrorist in Egypt, Hisham el-Ashmawy, was captured in the city of Derna, Libya last October, 2018 by the Libyan National Army. Ashmawy was transferred back to Egypt in May of this year (2019) to stand trial for his acts of terrorism.

Hisham el-Ashmawy was born in 1978. His full name is Hisham Ali Ashmawy Mosaad Ibrahim. No one knows for sure when he turned radical but the signs began to show themselves to the army when in 2007 he was warned by the army to stop his radical statements against the Egyptian Army. In 2011, he was formally dismissed. After his dismissal he began to form terrorist cells with other police officers who were eventually dismissed but began to form terrorist cells of Takfiri (fake Muslims). In 2012, he joined the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis terrorist group, Sherif, Abu Muhannad and Abu Omar al-Mohager are all nicknames for the same terrorist: Ashmawy. In 2013, Ashmawy was accused of trying to assassinate former Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim and was part of the Arab Sharks case. He was also accused of planning and participating in the July 2004 massacre of the Farafra checkpoint in which 22 army recruits were killed. In June 2015, Ashmawy’s name appeared on the scene again after the assassination of Attorney-General Hisham Barakat. He then appeared on his own and broadcasted an audio clip. He identified himself as the Emir of the Morabetoon organization.

In August 2015, the Egyptian security forces launched a campaign to raid the whereabouts of Ashmawy, after security sources confirmed that he was injured in the clashes between Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis terrorist group and joint forces of the army and police near the Cairo-Suez Road. He was then smuggled to Libya for treatment and has been in close relations with some armed factions in the eastern region since 2012.

This past week Ashmawry was put on trial in Egypt for his crimes against humanity and acts of terrorism. What came out at the trial as Ashmawry testified was a great revelation about the well known Libyan terrorist, Abdulhakem Belhaj. Ashmawry stated that all his funding to create his acts of terror were funded by the Belhaj. The Libyan tribes (representing the Libyan people) have been shouting about the terrorist Belhaj since before 2011. This did not stop NATO, Obama, McCain, Clinton, from joining hands with Belhaj and arming and funding his Al Qaeda and LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) to destroy Libya in 2011. With the help of the US, NATO, UN,, Belhaj has stolen a couple of billion dollars from the Libyan people.

Let me give a little history on Belhaj, the most HATED man in Libya, now residing in Turkey under the protection of Erdogan,

Abdulhakem Belhaj:

Abdel Hakim Belhaj is Abdul Hakim Alkhoal de Belhaj graduate of civil engineering and after graduating immediately traveled to Afghanistan for jihad. In 1988 participates in the Afghan jihad and remained there for several years. He then formed the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) at the beginning of the nineties, left Afghanistan and traveled to twenty-two countries, notably Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Sudan. He then returned to Libya in 1994 and began to rearrange the LIFG and began to train terrorists in the green mountain area of Libya, they were trained to fight against the Libyan Government and the West. Belhaj and his terrorist organization wanted to rid Libya of Ghadafi because Ghadafi was anti-radical Islam and anti-terrorist. In 1995, the Libyan Government closed the training centers by force and the terrorist leader Abdul Rahman Hattab was killed. Abdelhakim Belhaj escaped Libya and returned to Afghanistan. During that time Abdul Hakim Belhaj changed his name and was known amongst the jihadisi's as Abdullah Sadiq. Belhaj (Abdullah Sadiq) was chosen as the head of the Libyan Fighting Group leader of jihadis in Afghanistan, and Abu Hazim was chosen as his deputy, Abu Mundhir al-Saadi as an administrator, Khalid Al-Sharif as a security administrator. The relation between LIGF and al-Qaeda was officially confirmed in October 2001, when the UN Security Council designated the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group as a terrorist entity for its association with al-Qaeda, Bin Laden and the Taliban.

In 2002, after the 11 September attacks and Gaddafi's reconciliation with the West, an arrest warrant was issued for Belhaj by the Libyan authorities. The Gaddafi government stated that Belhaj had developed "close relationships" with al-Qaeda leaders, and specifically Taliban chief Mullah Omar. Based in Jalalabad, Belhaj ran and financed training camps for Arab mujahideen fighters. There was much proof of Belhaj and his terrorist activities so the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), after a tip-off from MI6 gained from London-based informants, arrested Belhaj was his pregnant wife in 2004 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia. Belhaj was later transferred back to Libya where he was put into prison at the Abu Salim prison in Tripoli. In March 2010 under a "de-radicalization" drive championed by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the Libyan authorities released him about 170 Libyan Islamists. Belhaj’s release was part of a series of negotiations supported by the Qatari government, thanks to which over a hundred members of the Muslim Brotherhood and hundreds of members of the LIFG were freed by 2008. Belhaj’s long-time associate Ali al-Sallabi played a major role in Qatar’s involvement in securing the amnesty for those prisoners. This release program was to prove to be a fatal move helpoing the destruction of the legitimate Libyan government in 2011, as all of the radicals released joined NATO and have all become extremely rich by way of their theft of Libyan assets.

In 2011, Belhaj was recruited by Clinton, the CIA and NATO as a leader of the terrorist "rebels" to overthrow the legitimate Libyan government. He occupied a main role in Libya's puppet government set up by NATO and took over the Mitiga Airport in Tripoli as his headquarters, thus controlling ingress of thousands of terrorist mercenaries and weapons into Libya and egress of terrorists to countries such as Syria. Belhaj has stolen billions from Libya and uses these resources to fund his terrorist cells around the world.

And last but not least, Belhaj was one of John McCain's heroes. Many people remember John McCain putting his arms around the so called rebels and saying "these are my heroes". Well his biggest hero was Belhaj who gave McCain an award for his help in the destruction of Libya. You can see the photo below.

The Libyan people (tribes) are always happy to see terrorists arrested and tried or killed by their army. They have suffered terribly under that hands of these radical takfiri terrorists. Their country was destroyed by a lie that was used to bring in hundreds of thousands of radical mercenaries supported by NATO, the UN, US, UK, Qatar, France etc. Not only destroyed but then given into the hands of the destroyers who have done nothing for the Libyan people. The continued theft from the Libyan people proves the real agenda of these Wahabist, salafist, takfiri pieces of garbage. They don't have any agenda except to control and steal, they are wonderful tools for the New World Order fascist cabal who uses them to destabilize and destroy sovereign nations and then allows them to rape, steal and abuse the innocent people in those countries.

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