Erdogan Continues His War Waged Against the Libyan People

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Erdogan self proclaimed "The Magnificent One" is the leader of all the terrorists in the world.

The following is an overview of the last few days regarding the situation in Libya and the complete failure of any kind of conference, negotiation or agreement. Oh, don't get me wrong their were agreements but only one of the signatories behaved according to the agreement. That would be the Libyan National army of the Libyan people. The other side being the Turkish puppet "unelected" Muslim Brotherhood GNA regime in Tripoli that had their terrorist militias break the ceasefire agreement within one hour of its implementation and Erdogan who had agreed to disarm his mercenaries (with Putin) did just the opposite. He began immediately to funnel large number of mercenaries from Syria to Tripoli and began bringing in his army and new shiploads of weapons..

First and I don't care what phony publication you read, there is NO CIVIL WAR in Libya. There is a battle of ALL the legitimate Libyan people against the terrorists mercenary militias of the unelected GNA Turkish puppet regime in Tripoli. This regime has NO support in Libya. They are held in place solely by the support of Erdogan and his terrorist mercenaries. These mercenaries have been in Libya since 2011 when NATO, Obama, Clinton, destroyed the sovereign country of Libya using a false flag (there was NO revolution in Libya in 2011) it was all staged.

Since April of 2019 the Libyan peoples army tasked by all the people of Libya via the Great Tribes of Libya (who represent all the people in Libya) to cleanse their country of the Muslim Brotherhood, it's terrorist mercenaries and it's illegal self imposed regime from their country. All of these terrorists/mercenaries were left behind by the illegal NATO invasion. The LNA (Libyan National Army) has a titular head named Khalifa Haftar. He was appointed the head by the tribes because he is the only person who the west would allow to form an army in Libya since 2011 (this is thank you very much the criminals of the United Nation). Khalifa Haftar is a CIA Operative, he holds a US and a Libyan passport. Don't ever think the Libyan people follow Haftar. they follow and support their army - and Haftar does not speak for the Libyan people, he was appointed leader of Libya. At this time the closest thing to a voice they have is the head of the duly elected government in Toburk the House of Representatives named "The Libyan Government" and led by Aguilla Saleh Issa.

After the failed Putin/Erdogan/Sarraj/Haftar "ceasefire", Germany chancellor Angela Merkel decided to put her nose into Libya. Don't ever think any of these countries are involving themselves in Libya for humanitarian reasons. Far from it, they are all drooling over the great natural resources that lie beneath Libya and under the water directly offshore. The dis-ingenuousness of the so called conference becomes apparent when all the countries attending this event were involved in the illegal destruction of Libya in 2011 which is the direct cause of the problems in Libya today. Note: Russia was not involved but they did not veto the actions taken in Libya this was because it was not Putin who was the leader it was Dmitry Medvedev Medvedev (who did Obama's bidding).

The Berlin conference was a complete waste of time. First, the Libyan people had NO representative at the table. Oh, Haftar was there, along with Sarraj (the leader of the GNA non elected Muslim Brotherhood regime in Tripoli) - but as I said before, the great tribes of Lib ya were NOT represented and thus the Libyan people had no voice. Making matters worse, Sarraj and Haftar were not allowed at the negotiating table!! They were sent to the "tea tent" to wait while the BIG imperialists decided how to solve Libya's problems - the height of hypocrisy.

The next event that happened in Berlin was Erdogan's "spoiled child fit". When he arrived, Merkel's security required him to take off his coat and search him (he was wearing a long coat). He refused, became angry and left. He left behind his foreign minister (or whomever was attending with him). But worse than that, he left and called Tripoli and gave orders to hie terrorist mercenaries to immediately attack the Libyan peoples army on all fronts and with great aggression. Now supposedly there is a ceasefire in progress but Sunday the LNA was under full attack and there was fighting all over Tripoli. The fighting continues currently...

So, here we see in the face of the world and in the face of the supposed great powers of the world, a crazy terrorist who has no intent of following any agreements, UN rules or Geneva conventions etc.

The Libyans immediately raised the red flag when Erdogan began sending in Syrian Mercenaries and arms and members of the Turkish army. But the world turned a blind eye, and again "wrote" that they demanded Erdogan to stop sending terrorists to Libya and stop sending arms AGAINST all the in place embargoes. Did Erdogan stop, nope, he threatened the EU with being flooded by terrorist mercenaries if he lost his puppet government in Libya. Now there is proof that some of the mercenaries in Tripoli have arrived in Italy being transported along side African migrants.

And the world powers watch Erdogan break every international law, they do nothing. But in 2011, they ware quite happy to destroy a peaceful country by bombing it into the dark ages with 60,000 bombing raids. All this because a false revolution using lies were told. Libya was not attacking any other country, they were not sending mercenaries to other counties, they were no radical Islamist's stealing the wealth of another country, yet the world stood up, destroyed a beautiful, developing, happy nation and left it in the hands of the Turkish Madman.

Meanwhile, inside Misurata, home of the Turkish mafia before 2011 and now home of the biggest RATs in LIbya (rats being the traitors and criminals that joined NATO). These criminal rats continue to steal from Libya and they continue to ILLEGALLY imprison men, women and children who they deemed against them. They are the worst of the worst and they support the Muslim Brotherhood GNA regime in Tripoli. That is the only support the GNA has now in Libya. The Misurata rats, who joined with Hillary Clinton to destroy their country, fear retribution from all the other Libyans because they know their crimes. So, they hold tight onto Turkey and pray they will get to keep stealing Libyan wealth.

And the crimes continue, yesterday, the Muslim Brotherhood GNA regime, announced that they would take 100 million out of the Libyan central bank in Tripoli - in cash. This money will be used to pay terrorist militias. They blatantly make this public and are proud. This is the Libyan people's money and the unelected Muslim Brotherhood regime is stealing it to pay terrorists to kill the Libyan people.

The situation in Libya is simple. Terrorist mercenaries brought into Libya illegally by the US, UN, UK, France, Turkey, Qatar and NATO in 2011, remain in the country today. Many of them have become millionaires by stealing Libyan money. The Libyan people having suffered under these criminals for 9 years have had enough. They will live free or die.

There is no civil war in Libya, there is only all Libyans against radical Islamists (Takfiri) and armed mercenaries supported by Turkey and Qatar.

As for the Libyan people - they tell me - it is real simple, we will clean our country. We are the only arbitrators for our country. We will never agree to negotiate with radicals, we will remove them from our country and we will set up our own government for our people.