EU Makes List of Libyan Terrorists Banned from EU Visa's Top of List John McCain's Best Friend

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The EU has published the following list of Libyan terrorists that will be banned from visa's in the EU

1 - Hakim Belhadj
2 - Ahmed Abuchtalh
3 - Sami al-Saadi
4 - Khaled Sharif
5 - Khalid Basir
6 - Abdul Rauf a hater
7 - Hashim human beings
8 - Abdul Wahab Qayed
9 - Sofiene Ben Qmo,
10 - Mohammed Zahaw

NOTE: The number 1 person on the list is Hakim Belhadj. Posted with this article is a photo of John McCain US Senator receiving a plaque from Belhadj. You will also see in the background another US Senator Lindsey Graham. These men are "proud" friends with these known terrorists. At least the EU knows their enemies.