Fake Coup Perpetrator Gen. Khalifa Haftar Runs Off to Saudi Arabia

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As reported by Libyan War the Truth, Khalifa Haftar, a so called General (of what army we don't know) attempted to declare a coup in Libya yesterday. This fake coup was of course backed by and instigated by the CIA of which he is a long time member. The Libyan people and the army of Libya actually laughed and made jokes about his declaration. Everyone, in Libya knows exactly what a traitor Haftar to is to Libya and they cannot imagine anyone following him. The GNC known as the General National Joke (the puppet Government - half have resigned) attempted to put an arrest warrant out for Haftar but they cannot find anyone to execute the warrant. Next, it is now being reported that Haftar has run off to Saudi Arabia making his exit through Egypt. They are even saying that some of the Green resistance is with him, ummm - lets think about this ..... The Green Resistance is fighting to return the country to the Great Jamahiryia which was founded by Ghadafi and created the most prosperous and progressive country in Africa in a matter of 42 years. Ghadafi is who Haftar supposedly hated and left Libya because of and joined the CIA to fight against. This is a false statement (again a "wag the dog") that is meant to confuse the world, North Africa and any of the patriotic resistance that might listen. The Zionists have overplayed their hands and the Libyan people now own the playbook. They will not be tricked again.

The Japanese Times are reporting that the Libyan General Haftar declared a coup and no one listened! http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/02/15/world/libyan-general-declare...

The government in Libya is a joke, and the CIA is a joke. All of Libya and the surrounding countries now understand the dirty game that has been played with them and the Extremists, Puppets and Zionists had all better follow Haftar out of Libya. The sooner the better. The tribes of Libya will regain their country and they will install a viable and stable government representing all the tribes while exiling or killing all of the radicals and criminals who illegally occupied their country.


قائد الانقلاب في ليبيا يهرب إلى مصر متجهًا بعدها إلى السعودية

الجمعة, شباط 14 2014

ذكرت مصادر أمنية ليبية أن اللواء «خليفة حفتر» صاحب بيان الانقلاب العسكري الفاشل، قد غادر ليبيا متجهًا إلى السعودية عبر الحدود المصرية الليبية.

وقالت المصادر إن «حفتر» قام بإجراء مكالمة هاتفية بالقرب من الحدود المصرية الليبية ومن المتوقع أن يكون قد دخل إلى الأراضي المصرية بعد تهريبه من بعض العناصر الموالية للعقيد «معمر القذافي» ومنها سوف يتجه إلى السعودية.

يذكر أن اللواء «خليفة حفتر» قام اليوم بإلقاء بيان عبر قناة العربية السعودية والذي سمي بالانقلاب العسكري، حيث أعلن تجميد المؤتمر العام والحكومة ولكن تحرك الجيش والشعب في مواجهة الأمر أحبط الخطة.