The family of leader Gaddafi calls on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards the detention of Engineer Saadi

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August 2, 2019

The family of leader Gaddafi calls on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards the detention of Engineer Saadi

The family of the late leader, Muammar Gaddafi, issued a statement regarding the detention of the engineer Saadi Gaddafi and all concerned parties, full responsibility for his safety, protection and health care.

The statement continued: “After it was proven that engineer Saadi Gaddafi was tortured and denied access to the necessities of life by his detainees, arbitrarily without any legal right, putting the safety of his life and health in“ grave danger ”. They pointed out the silence of all judicial and executive bodies responsible for the implementation of sentences and release actions.

The family of the martyred leader, is filing a lawsuit locally and internationally against the criminals Salim Laroussi and Ali Ghadamsi, in order to prosecute them criminally. Included in the prosecution is everyone who contributed to his illegal detention and torture for years, despite an earlier acquittal of all the charges against him

The family of martyred leader Muammar Gaddafi also calls on the international community and all its human rights bodies to bear their legal, moral and ethical responsibilities in the face of injustice, torture and kidnapping without guilt or crime at the hands of some of those who have lost their conscience in full view of the world.


** I am going to exercise my poetic license and state my opinions based on my knowledge

What NATO and the western imperialist nations (including Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia) did to the sovereign nation of Libya is one of the most heinous crimes against humanity every perpetrated in the last 100 years.

A peaceful country, developed into the 21st century with huge in-situ assets being shared among it's people by means of free health care, free education, free utilities, homes at 10% of your income, no debt, no world bank, gas at 44 cents a gallon.. etc, etc. All of this DESTROYED by outside forces for a fraudulent reason. Why would the Libyan people take up against a government that gave them a free, secure, debt free life? The answer is, THEY DID NOT. But the west could not have Libya free, they could not have Ghadafi free or his principles for Africa and Libya realized. Those principles went against their plans for a fascist New World Order. Not only did they destroy the infrastructure, and kill over 1 million innocents, but they brought into Libya over 250,000 terrorist mercenaries. Then having destroyed the government structure, military protection, housing, water, electricity, etc. they left the country in the hands of terrorists, radical Islamist's and criminal gangs all well armed and funded daily by the same counties who destroyed Libya. AND the Libyans who joined this phony coup were all radicals or traitors to their country. All radical Islamist's were banned from Libya before 2011 as Ghadafi and the legitimate Libyan people are against radical Islam. Only 4% of Libyans were radials and were in exile in 2011. This is the 4% that Hillary Clinton joined hands with to destroy Libya. But they had no backing in Libya so they had to bring in their own proxy army of terrorist mercenaries to control the country.

Now the western destroyers cannot understand why there are problems in Libya?? Oh, they know why there are problems as they created them. Now the same destoryers want to tell Libya how to fix herself?

This is absolutely ludicrous and the great tribes of Libya are not fooled by their dirty games. What the tribes (representing the legitimate Libyan people) want is for their national army (LNA) to cleanse the country of all of the terrorists (calling themselves militias). They want all western puppets out of their country and at the top of the list is the GNA (Muslim Brotherhood) illegitimate regime of Sarraj. They will fix their country, they will work with all the migrants, they will rebuilt their country but the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY perpetrated by the terrorists left behind in Libya by Clinton/NATO and the west MUST BE ADDRESSED by the world. Top of the list is the current illegally imprisoned men, women and children and the thousands that have been tortured to death. These crimes cannot be ignored as the entire human population is at risk of the same atrocities if these crimes go unpunished.

~ JoAnne