Full Audio - Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: "We are against the Berlin Conference, it is the game of chaos"

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In the following interview of Dr. Moussa Ibrahim - he confirms all that the Libyan tribes have been telling me since 2011. The interview can be listened to in English here in the mp3 below the article.

By Vanessa Tomassini.

Berlin - Tunis, 19 January 2020. As the talks between the Libyan Prime Minister of the National Accord, Fayez al-Serraj, and the commander-in-chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Khalifa Haftar, continue in these hours heads of state and government who support them, we caught up with Moussa Ibrahim, Libyan politician appointed Minister of Information in March 2011 by Muammar Gaddafi and spokesman for pro-Gaddafi forces during the 2011 civil war

Comments of Moussa Ibrahim, Gaddafi Government Spokesperson in 2011, to speak about Libya in occasion of the Berlin Conference on Libya (ENG)

“We in Libya are against the Berlin conference because we believe it is only a game that the West is pursuing to prolong the crisis in Libya. The West is always playing the same game, introducing chaos into the country through military invasion or economic sanctions, or through political pressure, or by taking advantage of religious and tribal conflict. The West has worked for years to manage this crisis to save its agenda of political hegemony and economic exploitation. You can think of what happened in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela and Libya. It is the same game everywhere. We called it the chaos game: introducing chaos and managing chaos . " Said Moussa Ibrahim

Gaddafi's government spokesman in 2011 added that “The Berlin Conference is nothing more than a chaos management technique. The West has had many other conferences in recent years, in Cairo, Palermo, Geneva, Skhirat in Morocco. On these occasions the West has always proposed democracy, human rights, peace, stability, economic development, but they have never delivered them because the chaos and fragility of Libya is what the West wants. Because when Libya is weak then the West can prey on its national wealth, that is diesel. He can be sure that Libya will never rise up against the plans of the West, as Gaddafi and his government have done for decades. He can be sure that the liberation of currents such as pan-Iranism, pan-Arabism, which had been flourishing under Gaddafi for decades, these cultures will no longer happen in Libya. So the West will be able to use Libya to extend its influence in the North African region, in the Mediterranean basin, as well as in the African region, considering that Libya has great influences in the depth of the African continent ".

Moussa Ibrahim also stressed during our meeting that “we of the Green Resistance Movement in Libya will not be satisfied with this game. The Berlin Conference is just another step in this chaotic direction. We believe that the solution must be intra-Libyan and conducted on Libyan soil, under the supervision of the African Union because we are African and the African Union does not have these imperialist agendas for Libya. We believe that locally in Libya there are credible institutions that can guarantee a solution such as the Libyan National Army, which has already freed most of Libyan territory and the Tribal Conference which includes the majority of Libyan tribes and cities. We also have a large number of politicians, the majority of whom agree on the basic terms of negotiation and dialogue. The West knows that an internal solution is possible and that's why it is trying to prevent it, prolonging the crisis by intervening in Tripoli so that the Islamist militias survive the attack by the Libyan army and inventing these conferences to push away the solution and to make sure that the so-called solutions come from the outside. We, dear Vanessa, are resisting the Berlin Conference and reject any proposed solution, as they are not genuine proposals and do not represent the will, the aspirations and the needs of the Libyan people ".

As for Italy's role, Moussa Ibrahim said: "Italy is another European power in search of Libyan national wealth, in search of political influence in Libya, and in search of competition with other European powers in the Mediterranean area, including gas and the migration issue in the Mediterranean. Italy has decided to stay, and this is important for the Italian people to know, with Islamist militias, the real terrorists who terrorize the world, the Europeans, everywhere, in any city and continent and in Europe itself. Because this is the side that was losing the battle. "
Link: https://specialelibia.it/2020/01/19/moussa-ibrahim-siamo-contrari-alla-c...

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim Speaks for the LIbyan People 1 19 2020